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Andrew Magdy Kamal of Stark Drones Corporation (Riemann Computing Inc.) Releases Course on Moonshot Technology

Moonshot Tech

Andrew Magdy Kamal is on a mission to ensure that the education system evolves alongside the rapid pace of innovation in today's dynamic world.”
— Andrew Magdy Kamal
TROY, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- The founder of Stark Drones has released a course titled, “Moonshot Academy: Let's Build Innovative Products” on Kickstarter and is currently in the pre-launch phase. His premise seems to focus on the critical thinking and engineering behind innovative products rather than traditional market approaches.

In the trailer, he talks about design ideation, bootstrapping, lean approaches, and even mentions that there is a neuroscience behind many of these core concepts.

Andrew is known for work within decentralized internet protocols, distributed computing, underwater wireless networks, and various forms of telemetry. He is a Coptic Egyptian, first-generational millennial entrepreneur living in America.

The course syllabus can be seen at:

And you can subscribe to the Kickstarter at:
The motto? The traditional education system let down many innovators, we want to change that.
Perhaps Andrew’s way of thinking is that practicality is better than theory or memorization, and the education system is not in par with innovation or keeping up with the pace of these times.

In the words of Kamal himself, "The traditional education system has failed countless innovators. It's time for a change." Moonshot Academy is poised to bridge the gap between theory and practice, redefining the educational landscape for aspiring innovators.

Andrew Magdy Kamal challenges the status quo, asserting that practicality trumps rote memorization. His mission? To ensure that the education system evolves alongside the rapid pace of innovation in today's dynamic world.

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