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Winning Starts in the Mind: Sports Hypnotherapy Program Serves Pro Athletes, Rising Stars & Weekend Warriors

Athletes gain a mental edge over opponents, effortlessly overcoming performance anxiety and physical 'yips' to sharpen their focus and achieve better results.

Peak performance goes beyond physical prowess; it's about mastering the mental game. We unlock athletes' subconscious potential, eliminate performance barriers, and cultivate the right mindset.”
— Jason Akel, CCHT

ORINDA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 / -- Village Hypnotherapy announces the expansion of its elite Sports Hypnotherapy program to all athletic levels, a revolutionary approach designed to enhance athletes' mental fortitude and optimize their performance on the field, court, or wherever their game unfolds.

Led by Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, and Results Mindset Coach Jason Akel, Village Hypnotherapy has successfully supported hundreds of athletes – from seasoned professionals to emerging talents – as they work to achieve their full potential and conquer sports performance anxiety.

"At Village Hypnotherapy, we understand that peak performance in sports goes beyond physical prowess; it's about mastering the mental game," says Jason Akel, founder. "Our program empowers athletes to unlock their subconscious potential, eliminate performance barriers, and cultivate a winning mindset for life and competition."

Unlike traditional sports psychology, which primarily addresses conscious thoughts and emphasizes coping techniques, Village Hypnotherapy's approach also delves deep into the subconscious mind, targeting core behaviors, beliefs, and emotions to effect lasting transformation and results.

Key features of the Sports Hypnotherapy program include:

* One-on-One & Team Work: Tailored sessions for individual athletes and teams to address specific performance challenges and goals.

* Experience at All Levels Across Most Sports: Extensive experience working with athletes from various sports disciplines, ensuring specialized support tailored to each athlete's needs.

* Mindset for Life & Competition: Equipping athletes with mental tools and strategies not only for peak performance on the field but also for personal growth and resilience off the field.

* Short & Long-Term Engagements: Accommodates athletes' varying needs and timelines, whether for immediate performance enhancements or long-term mindset development.

Athletes who have harnessed the power of hypnosis and self-hypnosis include legendary figures like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Tiger Woods, highlighting the effectiveness of these techniques in optimizing athletic performance.

"We've witnessed remarkable change in athletes who have embraced sports hypnotherapy," adds Akel. "From overcoming performance anxiety to achieving newfound confidence and consistency, our program empowers athletes to thrive under pressure and unleash their full potential."

Recent success stories from Village Hypnotherapy's Sports Hypnotherapy program include:

* NFL running back and D1 college quarterback
* Top 5 women's pro cyclist in the U.S.
* Pro male triathlete who won his next race after sessions
* College recruits in tennis, football, soccer, and lacrosse
* Swimmers and gymnasts aspiring for Olympic glory
* College basketball and baseball players (hitters, pitchers)
* Golfers and tennis players overcoming mindset challenges
* Adults & teens achieving greater enjoyment and performance in sports

The comprehensive program covers a range of areas including goal setting, motivation, positive self-talk, focus enhancement, resiliency building, and pain control, among others. Sessions are available in-person at the company's serene Orinda, California office, as well as virtually for athletes anywhere. Free consultations are offered.

About Village Hypnotherapy:

Village Hypnotherapy, founded by Jason Akel, offers transformative hypnotherapy and mindset coaching services to individuals seeking to overcome personal challenges, enhance performance, and unlock their full potential. Specializing in sports hypnotherapy, stress reduction, and habit change, Village Hypnotherapy empowers clients to achieve lasting positive change in their lives. Personally, Jason has a deep passion for downhill skiing and wallyball, a fast-paced sport that is similar to volleyball played in a racquetball court, where it is legal to hit the ball off of the walls.

Jason Akel
Village Hypnotherapy
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