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Biden, Trump and the Election System Is the New Metaphysical Articles Blog Topic

These images show four recent mainstream news headlines.

some recent mainstream news headlines

These images show two headlines of news articles about Biden and Trump.

Recently there's been a growing amount of pro-Trump news headlines as well as more that denigrate Biden in various ways.

This photo montage shows 9 covers of books by Ryuho Okawa featuring channeled perspectives from the 'guardian spirits' of Biden and Trump.

One channeling case chronology that has never been reported in mainstream news outlets without misinformation / disinformation is that of Ryuho Okawa (1956-2023), whose published session transcripts include commentary from the 'guardian spirits' of Biden and Trump..

Mark Russell Bell's Blog Offers Insights to the Presidency and American Politics Based Upon Metaphysical / Spiritual Knowledge and His Past Election Experiences

Dwindling attention to placing in perspective the evidentiary data of 'Divine Dispensations' paranormal case chronologies is a primary factor for comprehending the scope of worldwide disharmony . . .”
— Mark Russell Bell
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 18, 2024 / -- "Considered Metaphysically: Biden, Trump, the American Electoral System and Federal Bureaucracy Today" is the new article at the blog. An explanation about the selection of this subject is provided by Bell because his blog commonly offers reporting about documented transcendental communication case chronologies among other evidence of phenomena today categorized using such terms as 'paranormal,' 'supernatural,' 'unexplained,' 'psychic' or 'anomalous.' He wrote in the article:

"During this age of public relations, propagandizing and politicians 'saying one thing while doing another,' wise individuals seek to discern the motivations and ambitions that are revealed through the known, factual conduct and actions of people. I usually refrain from political topics because this blog is primarily intended to enable readers to expand their knowledge of what can be learned about the most profound and momentous aspects of Earth life — these relate to metaphysical, spiritual and cosmological subjects. The reason for this exceptional new article is that close attention needs to be given to the circumstances involving the eradication of any semblance of metaphysically and spiritually aware international diplomacy between U.S. officials and their counterparts representing other paperwork principalities throughout the world."

Bell recently scrutinized videos of President Biden's "2024 State of the Union" address and Trump's February speech at the annual conference of the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville. Bell presents transcript passages from these orations and provides excerpts from current news articles. He also quotes from X / posts of Senator Bernie Sanders. News headlines found on March 14 are exhibited in the article, further documenting the viewpoints now being featured in American commercial mainstream media reporting. An essential observation shared by Bell in the article is this one —

"Dwindling attention to placing in perspective the evidentiary data of 'Divine Dispensations' paranormal case chronologies is a primary factor for comprehending the scope of worldwide disharmony, unhappiness and iniquity that is occurring."

"Considered Metaphysically: Biden, Trump, the American Electoral System and Federal Bureaucracy Today" is article #720 at the noncommercial Metaphysical Articles blog that has readers worldwide.

About Mark Russell Bell: Between 2009 and now, Bell's articles have reported about his personal experiences of 'paranormal phenomena' among a gamut of case profile articles about extensively documented cases of transcendental communication. Bell offers explanations about otherwise 'unexplained' phenomena with data sources always specified. He first became a metaphysical author with the publication of his autobiographical paranormal case study book Testament (1997). During his younger years, Bell was a cinema major at USC and in 1980 he became actor Mickey Rooney's in-office assistant employed at the Hollywood Hills home of his agent Ruth Webb. After becoming a talent agent himself, he deciding to change his career path. In 1987 Bell became staff writer in the publicity department of Paramount Pictures. He contributed to the success of 100+ movies, including "Braveheart," "Fatal Attraction," "Fire in the Sky," "Forrest Gump," "Ghost," "The Godfather, Part III," "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," "The Naked Gun" trilogy, "Scrooged," seven Eddie Murphy movies, and several "Star Trek" films. In 1995 after researching documented ‘talking poltergeist’ cases, Bell learned about a contemporary Oklahoma family experiencing this phenomena. The entire expedition is chronicled in Testament with verbatim interview transcripts. The central communicating entity in the case was known as 'Michael,' whom Bell soon began to associate with the Archangel that is the archetype for an angelic Force interacting with mankind throughout the ages. Upon returning home to Los Angeles, Bell's 'paranormal initiation' continued to unfold and he knew that he must leave his entertainment career behind to concentrate on sharing the information that would enable people to expand their understanding about life. Bell eventually decided to research paranormal case study books and he discovered what he calls 'The Michael Pattern' and 'The Bell Pattern' that noticeably interlink famous cases of documented paranormal phenomena, including Nostradamus, John Dee, the Fox Sisters associated with the Spiritualism Movement, Madame Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Guy and Edna Ballard, Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint, channelers such as JZ Knight and Mark Probert, and the 'Messages from Michael' Ouija Board communication case. Bell's twin brother is also named Michael.

Next month will be the 15-year anniversary of Bell's blog Metaphysical Articles: Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media.

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