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Premium honey "Enju," sourced from the unexplored regions of Kumamoto, Japan, is available online for a limited quantity

"Enju" Honey

Collecting "Enju" Honey

Tree Flower Honey “Enju”

MINATO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 15, 2024 / -- MI Japan Inc. has announced the launch of its premium "Enju" honey which is sourced from the unexplored regions of Kumamoto, Japan, available in limited quantities for sale. The harvesting period for "Enju" honey is limited from October to November annually, utilizing the mythical honey from flowers of various trees collected by Japanese honeybees.

Product Story/History
Second-generation beekeeper Choujiro Kawakami, who has an unwavering love for Japanese honeybees, was born into a family of mountain experts and has coexisted with these bees from a young age. The source of Mr. Kawakami's passion for Japanese honeybees, stems from his desire to share the experience of the fragrant honey from flowers of various trees, which is beneficial to health and beauty. Despite the risks in the perilous nature of raising the honeybees, he finds the challenging aspects of cultivating these delicate bees intriguing.

He now shares this passion with his daughter, Kazumi, representing the third generation. They produce honey together, treasuring the Japanese honeybee as a national gem. These bees, unlike their Western counterparts, have a smaller foraging range of just 2 kilometers, yet they can harvest nectar from flowers of various trees, mirroring the Japanese trait of diversity. However, their numbers have been declining due to their sensitivity to rain, heat, and humidity.

As we learned more about Mr.Kawakami’s story, the deeper our interest grew about the Japanese honeybees. This project started as a part of regional revitalization efforts, to prevent the extinction of Japanese honeybees, share Mr.Kawakami’s passion, and showcase the allure of Kikuchi City of Kumamoto, Japan.

Kikuchi, Kumamoto water source, a global pride, and the nectar from flowers of various trees

"Enju" honey is made from the flowers of trees nourished by the Kikuchi Water Source, known as one of the premier water sources worldwide. With a population of 740,000, Kumamoto is unique in Japan and rare globally for exclusively using groundwater for its municipal water supply. This abundant water resource has been developed over a long period, facilitated by the permeable terrain formed by eruptions from Mount Aso and the efforts of Kato Kiyomasa, who constructed Kumamoto Castle. The water seeps through layers of earth, slowly flowing and becoming enriched over years. During this process, it acquires a balanced blend of minerals and carbonic acid, transforming into delicious and healthful natural water. From this mineral-rich environment, "Enju" honey is carefully made from the nectar from flowers of various trees, embodying the essence of this exceptional water resource.

About “Enju - Honey”
"Enju" honey, meticulously crafted without heating and filtered twice, offers a smooth, soothing taste that captures the essence of tree flowers in Kikuchi, resulting in a honey with a fruity flavor. The honey produced by Japanese honeybees is highly prized for its rarity, as the amount that can be harvested is limited and seldom found in the market. The whitening of "Enju" honey is a sign of its high glucose content, a testament to its natural purity.

Product Information
Name: Tree Flower Honey “Enju”
Price: 30,800 JPY, tax included, shipping fee not included
Method of Purchase: Special Web Site
- "Enju" honey is available now for a limited quantity, due to the harvesting being confined to just one month annually.
- Details regarding product precautions are also available on our website.
Delivery Area: Limited to within Japan. However, if contacted via the form below after purchase, it is possible to pick up the product at our office in Tokyo, Japan.

Pick Up Request Form:
Pick Up at Japan, Tokyo, Minato-Ku, Minamiaoyama, 5-chōme – 13 - 2 Minami Aoyama Ikeda Building 7F
Product Details: Utilizing the elusive "Enju" honey, harvested from the nectar from flowers of various trees in the remote areas of Kumamoto, Japan by Japanese honeybees. This honey is collected exclusively during a limited period from October to November. Offer this richly flavored honey as a special gift to someone important or as a treat for yourself.

Hitomi Fukuda
MI Japan Inc.
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