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Charities can now discover Grants, manage Volunteers and more, easily, with Good Work Hub

Run, Fund and Grow your Charity on Good Work Hub

The secure end-to-end platform growing charities need to do their good work. Manage volunteers, newsletters, events, donations, grants and more from any device.

Good Work Hub will bring about a tectonic shift in the way Charities operate”
— Kimone Gooden
AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, March 8, 2024 / -- Good Work Hub, a leading philanthropy tech provider, announces the launch of its comprehensive platform for charitable organizations. The platform leverages pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies to offer a secure, end-to-end solution that coordinates critical activities: volunteer management, newsletter creation and distribution, event management, donations, planning, and grant management.

"Most micro and small charities use a combination of 7 to 11 tools to run their organizations, insecurely moving information from system to system, sharing more data than is necessary, and often artificially deleting users in existing platforms to avoid exceeding limits. We have removed these barriers. As a volunteer organizer myself for many years, I’m confident Good Work Hub will bring about a tectonic shift in the way Charities operate.” Said Kimone Gooden, Founder and CEO.

Some of the important benefits of the new platform include:
-Enabling automatic discovery of new grants
-Managing volunteers, including messaging and scheduling
-Email marketing, including newsletters and email promotion
-Managing events, donations, and donors
All within an unlimited and secure platform, accessible anytime from anywhere, on any device.

“Good Work Hub has completely transformed the technology capacity of our charity,” said Dawn Lazarus, Chair of Gyrl Code, an organization committed to empowering and motivating young minds by amplifying the voices of girls. “We can now focus on doing good rather than wasting time setting up tech.”

The best part of Good Work Hub is the charities that use it and the team that built it: extraordinary, open-hearted, service-inspired, and talented individuals, motivated by making an impact. Good Work Hub is truly, a platform for DoGooders built by a team of DoGooders.

After an effective and frictionless pilot phase, Good Work Hub is now available to all charities worldwide.

About Good Work Hub
Founded in 2023, Good Work Hub, affectionately dubbed the Robinhood of Philanthropy, uses AI, big data, and other emerging technologies to remove the operational barriers preventing small and micro charities from accessing billions in available grants and resources each year. Good Work Hub is the comprehensive end-to-end platform a growing charity needs to coordinate its people, plan its programs, fund its mission, and maximize its impact.

Raj Misra
Good Work Hub
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