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Remble Health and Chestnut Health Systems Forge Partnership to Pioneer AI-Enhanced Relapse Prevention Solution

24/7 digital mental health support meeting people where they are.

24/7 digital mental health support meeting people where they are.

Innovative Partnership to Combat Substance Use Disorders with AI-Driven Technology

Smartphone support trained with AI can serve as relapse coaches using text, often considered the primary language for today's youth. This will help bridge gaps in care.”
— Michael L. Dennis, Ph.D.
TULSA, OKLAHOMA, USA, March 7, 2024 / -- In an ambitious move to redefine support for individuals with substance use disorders (SUD), Remble Health and Chestnut Health Systems have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to leverage Chestnut's industry-leading research on relapse prevention, combined with cutting-edge smartphone technology and artificial intelligence (AI), to develop a groundbreaking relapse prevention solution tailored for young adults and beyond.

Substance use disorders are a significant public health concern, identified by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as one of the top chronic conditions leading to substantial healthcare costs and mortality. Access to effective care remains a challenge for many, particularly young adults, who often face numerous barriers, including stigma, resource scarcity, and the daunting task of navigating the healthcare landscape.

This partnership aims to bridge the gap in care accessibility by harnessing the widespread use and familiarity of smartphone technology. The envisioned solution will integrate AI-driven chat functionalities with evidence-based content, drawing upon Chestnut Health Systems' extensive research and proven strategies in relapse prevention. This innovative approach promises to deliver personalized support and actionable insights, empowering individuals with SUD to navigate their recovery journey more effectively.

"By incorporating Chestnut's pioneering research into our solution, we're not just offering support; we're embedding the best practices in relapse prevention directly into the hands of those who need it," said Remble Health's Chief Revenue Officer Bryan Wempen. "This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and to making a tangible difference in the lives of people affected by substance use disorders."

With its rich history of behavioral health research and evidence-based intervention development, Chestnut Health Systems views this collaboration as a significant step forward in applying research for real-world impact. "Our research in relapse prevention has always been about finding effective ways to support recovery. Integrating this knowledge with Remble Health's technological expertise will allow us to reach individuals in a new, dynamic way," remarked Director Michael L. Dennis, Ph.D. from Chestnut Health Systems.

The development of this AI-enhanced relapse prevention tool marks a critical advancement in the support available to individuals battling substance use disorders. By offering immediate, evidence-based assistance through a familiar and accessible platform, Remble Health and Chestnut Health Systems are filling a crucial gap in the current care ecosystem and pioneering a novel approach to recovery support in the digital era.

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