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Local Author Turns Printing Mishaps into Unexpected Adventures for Readers and Portland Metro Libraries

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Exciting adventure for readers and a generous gift for some local libraries

Author Shelah A. Johnson has ingeniously transformed a printing mishap into an exciting adventure for readers and a generous gift for Portland Metro libraries.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2024 / -- Starting the week of March 3rd, 24 slightly flawed copies of 'Perpetual Gloom,' the first book in The Boloney Trail trilogy, will be strategically hidden within the stacks of over 10 Portland area libraries. Patrons lucky enough to discover a unique copy will be able to keep it free of charge, with the added bonus of receiving the second book in the trilogy. Additionally, the featured libraries will receive the complete signed trilogy as a gift.

Shelah Johnson, author of the acclaimed trilogy, remarked, "I could not think of a better solution for disposing these books with small printing flaws. My local library system has been instrumental in the extensive research needed to bring this true-life story to light."

Reflecting on the genesis of this initiative, Johnson shared, "When the box of 24 sample books arrived for 'Perpetual Gloom,' I was sick to my stomach to find several printing mistakes. 'Perpetual Gloom' had already gone through six years of research and 27 revisions. But after a week of anguish, I decided there was nowhere to go but that magnificent place I call 'Oh Well.' It seemed ironic as the whole trilogy is based on flawed characters, so I closed the box and stored it in a cupboard."

Years later, while contemplating what to do with the flawed books, Johnson was reminded of a poignant moment at the metro dump where she saw a truck unload a massive amount of greeting cards and assorted decorative stationery. "I had about a dozen cards in my hand when an attendant came up and told me I couldn't take them because they were under a government order to be destroyed. We exchanged words about wastefulness. When you grow up poor, this kind of waste is nonsensical, and clever people know there is beauty in imperfection."

Weekly clues will be posted on The Boloney Trail Facebook and Instagram sites. To redeem the secondary free book, patrons must share a photo of the four-digit code located on the front of the inserted bookmark, taken in front of the library where they discovered the unique copy of 'Perpetual Gloom' on The Boloney Trail Facebook page.

About the Author:
Shelah A. Johnson is the esteemed author of "Perpetual Gloom" and "Imaginary Gravity" and has received 9 awards from The Society of Technical Communications. She is also known for directing and producing the documentary series "Where Small Business Grows" (available on Amazon Prime). She also serves as a mentor to aspiring writers in her local community. Johnson resides in a mid-century modern Airstream on an island in the Pacific Northwest, embracing a life of voluntary simplicity.

About The Boloney Trail Trilogy:
Reviews have likened The Boloney Trail Trilogy to a modern-day Steinbeck, tackling relevant and current issues with authenticity and unapologetic grit. This trilogy delves into the extraordinary true story of the Hornbeck family as they confront the trials of The Great Depression in the American South before facing the perils of logging in Oregon. Their narrative unfolds amidst the emergence of the infamous Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel during the 1960s.

A pilot has been developed by award-winning screenwriter J R Santana.

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