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Erica Nocera, Crowned Ms. National Woman of Achievement, Empowering Youth and Adults Body Diversity & Self Care


Erica Nocera, Crowned Ms. National Woman of Achievement, Empowering Youth and Adults Body Diversity & Self Care

LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2024 / -- The second time was a charm for mental health professional Erica Nocera who is the new Ms. National United States Woman of Achievement. The pageant which held the on-stage finals on January 27, 2024, but spanned into meetings and conferences into early February, is celebrating its 10th year on board the historic Queen Mary. Nocera competed in five phases of the Woman of Achievement Pageant including: Platform Interview (a delegate’s presentation of her community work, social issue or non-profit), creative expression in speech or performance, fun fitness, personal interview, and evening gown presentation. Nocera, who was first runner-up last year, came back to the event modifying her mental health platform to focus specifically on body diversity and self-acceptance. Naming her platform “Mental Health Awareness-Confidence in Every Curve: Advocating for Youth and Adult Body-Kindness and Self-Care,” Nocera focused on unrealistic body expectations amid the current selfie and perfection culture.

As a mental health professional, Nocera notes that women who spend a great amount of time on social media platforms often feel pressure to conform to unrealistic body standards by media outlets, influencers, or even their peers in every stage of life whether they are teens, new moms, or working professionals. Having obtained several advanced degrees including Business Leadership, Industrial and Organizational Psychology and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Nocera works with a large cross-section of the population and began seeing correlations with unrealistic body images and mental health. This insight led her to change her platform competition for Woman of Achievement to focus specifically on body dysmorphia, body acceptance and self-care. This shift paid off, earning her a Top Platform Award, and the crown of Ms. National United States 2024, as well as mental health speaking requests throughout California.

When asked about the year ahead, Nocera stated: “Throughout my reign as Ms. National United States, I am committed to amplifying the importance of mental health awareness in the community. I started my practice Limitless Talk Therapy to help women find telehealth solutions for mental health challenges in this arena. It is essential that we foster a culture of acceptance and empowerment, where individuals are supported regardless of their size or shape. By promoting positive body image and encouraging self-love, we can create a world where everyone feels comfortably confident in their own skin. Embracing authenticity and body size diversity allows us to prioritize mental and physical well-being for all individuals."

Immediately after her win, Nocera said: “I am grateful for the opportunity to represent women of all ages across the nation and to inspire all individuals to pursue their dreams relentlessly. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, and I am excited to continue to make a bigger impact on women in self-acceptance! Thank you, Woman of Achievement, for this incredible honor.”

Founded in 2014 by CEO Marlena Martin, the Woman of Achievement Pageant acknowledges the beauty in service, self-development, and education among today’s modern woman through leadership events and pageantry to award women for their life’s work. Two signature pageant events for women are hosted each year: The Woman of Achievement International Pageant (for women representing their heritage worldwide) and the U.S. Woman of Achievement Pageant. Woman of Achievement has been named as one of the Top 20 pageants in America by Pageant Planet in their Best in Pageantry Awards 2023. Woman of Achievement also hosts non-pageant Women’s Awards events in various states throughout the country. To nominate a woman for an award or for more information visit

Erica Nocera is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in the state of California helping clients with co-occurring mental health conditions including addictions and recovery counseling. She recently started her own practice, Limitless Talk Therapy, a virtual telehealth practice serving a large client base and specializing in women’s issues and addictions including eating disorders, body diversity, self-esteem issues and body dysmorphia, as well as anxiety and depression conditions rooted in trauma. She is active for speaking engagements, presenting community self-care workshops, and making appearances by request. For more information about this press release or to reach Erica for commentary or client inquiries, or requests, reach her at: Psychology Today at

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