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Soriano Motori, a global electric vehicle brand originally founded in Spain, has been making waves with its revolutionary 100% electric motorbike.

We are thrilled to announce that Soriano Motori will remain the title sponsor of the Porsche European Open for the next two years, alongside we can be better without a doubt.”
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MADRID, CASTILLA Y LEON, SPAIN, February 19, 2024 / -- Soriano Motori, a brand with a rich history, has undergone a fascinating transformation. Founded in 1939 by Ricardo Soriano, a noble aristocrat and Marqués de Ivanrey, the brand has been revitalized by Marco Antonio Soriano IV. Now fully Italian, Soriano Motori is focused on the future of mobility, particularly electric vehicles. Their latest creation is nothing short of remarkable: an electric motorcycle that seamlessly blends style and performance.

Here are some key features of their innovative electric motorcycles:

Giaguaro V1 GARA: This SuperSport model combines comfort with versatility, making it ideal for everyday road riding without compromising its sporting spirit.

Giaguaro V1 S: With its minimalist full-LED headlight, the V1S Giaguaro captures the essence of Soriano’s design philosophy.

Giaguaro V1 R: The V1R Giaguaro represents the pinnacle of Soriano’s craftsmanship—a true declaration of lust for perfection and beauty.

These motorcycles offer a unique blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology, making them a compelling choice for riders who appreciate both form and function. This is where the tradition and innovation come together.


Marco Antonio Soriano IV is a prominent figure known for his multifaceted endeavors. Let’s explore some aspects of his life and work:

Soriano Group:

Marco Antonio Soriano IV is at the helm of the Soriano Group, a family office that achieved a remarkable revenue of 2.8 billion euros in 20221.

The Soriano Group engages in private wealth management, private equity, and other strategic ventures. They assist clients in pursuing wealth management goals, provide astute investment advice, and leverage the capabilities and network of the Soriano Family.

Their approach includes an engineering focus, where they inspect and troubleshoot complex building systems with cost-effective solutions. Additionally, they offer tech advisory services, recognizing that blockchain may not always be the remedy for every business problem.

The group’s global research aims to drive growth, save costs, and invest in the future by considering relevant regulatory frameworks and leveraging technology.

Soriano Motori Corp:

Marco Antonio Soriano IV has revived a family legacy by leading Soriano Motori Corp, a company that specializes in premium electric motorcycles.

Their debut model, the Giaguaro, exemplifies their commitment to green mobility and original solutions.

Entrepreneurship and Legacy:

Marco Antonio Soriano IV’s journey echoes resilience and entrepreneurship. As a young man, he defied the odds to become an entrepreneur and laid the foundation for the modern accounting profession.

In summary, Marco Antonio Soriano IV is a visionary leader who combines financial acumen, innovation, and a commitment to sustainable mobility. His impact spans across diverse domains, from wealth management to electric motorcycles.


Soriano Motori has captured the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts with its unique blend of tradition and innovation. Let me share why it’s considered remarkable:

Reinventing Tradition: Soriano Motori has breathed new life into the classic Soriano Motorcycle brand. By transforming it into an electric motorcycle, they’ve preserved the brand’s legacy while embracing the future of mobility.

Unparalleled Style: These electric motorcycles are simply a pride for the Italian OEM. The minimalist full-LED headlights and sleek design pay homage to the brand’s heritage while embracing modern aesthetics.

Performance: Soriano Motori’s electric bikes offer a thrilling ride. With five gears and nimble turns enabled by low moment of inertia, they combine the best of traditional motorcycles with cutting-edge electric technology.

Innovative Models:
Giaguaro V1 GARA: A versatile model perfect for everyday road riding without compromising its sporting spirit.

Giaguaro V1 S: Minimalist design with full-LED headlights.

Giaguaro V1 R: Crafted in Italy, a declaration of perfection and beauty.

Italian Heritage: Founded in 1939 by Marco Antonio Soriano’s grandfather, the brand has deep Italian roots. Soriano Motori continues this legacy, focusing on electric mobility for the present and future.

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