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PranaQ's TipTraQ Attains Medical-Grade Performance Validation from Leading US Medical Institutes

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TipTraQ, a sleep health wearable device, worn on fingertip.

TipTraQ, a wearable device for sleep monitoring and sleep apnea diagnosis

TipTraQ in its charging box

TipTraQ in its charging box

PranaQ, a sleep tech startup, announces a significant milestone as TipTraQ attains medical-grade performance validation from leading medical institutes.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, February 20, 2024 / -- PranaQ, a sleep tech startup, is proud to announce a significant milestone as TipTraQ, its flagship product, attains medical-grade performance validation from leading medical institutes in the United States. The validation includes rigorous assessments of sleep monitoring accuracy, including sleep stages and respiratory metrics, as well as validated blood oxygen saturation readings.

Medical-Grade Performance Recognition in Multi-Night Testing:
TipTraQ has undergone extensive validation procedures at renowned medical institutes, affirming its status as a medical-grade sleep disorder diagnosis and sleep monitoring solution. The validation process meticulously evaluated the accuracy of sleep monitoring parameters, ensuring that TipTraQ meets the highest standards in providing users with precise and reliable data for sleep insights and improved sleep health.

While currently it can be difficult to schedule sleep tests at sleep clinics -- either because of a lack of infrastructure in rural areas, long wait times, or high costs -- PranaQ aims to alleviate these problems with TipTraQ which is both accessible and affordable. Furthermore, TipTraQ can be used for long-term monitoring, reducing the impact of night-to-night variation of sleep quality and severity of breathing disturbances overnight.

Validated Blood Oxygen Saturation:
PranaQ is excited to announce the successful validation of TipTraQ's blood oxygen saturation readings. This validation underscores the device's capability to provide accurate and trustworthy information crucial for monitoring respiratory health during sleep. This feature positions TipTraQ at the forefront of respiratory sleep monitoring technology, providing crucial information for medical conditions such as sleep apnea, nocturnal asthma, and COPD.

Eagerly Awaiting FDA Clearance:
As PranaQ celebrates the validation of TipTraQ's medical-grade performance, the company is working towards applying for FDA clearance. The impending clearance marks a crucial step towards making TipTraQ accessible to a broader audience, reaffirming PranaQ's commitment to delivering innovative and trustworthy medical sleep solutions.

About PranaQ:
PranaQ is a pioneering sleep tech startup committed to transforming sleep health through innovative solutions. The company's flagship product, TipTraQ, has recently achieved medical-grade performance validation, including validated blood oxygen saturation readings, from leading US medical institutes. PranaQ is committed to leading the way in providing accurate and trustworthy sleep monitoring technology. For more information, visit .

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