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ADISEAL IN ACTION - Wins #1 Ranking as Adhesive & Sealant with Professional Grade 3123 PSI Tested Strength

ADISEAL In Action - Exterior Home Waterproofing in South Carolina

ADISEAL In Action - RV Facia to Slide Face Leak fixed with ADISEAL

ADISEAL In Action - Strongest Bond for Pine to Steel Fence New Build

Phenomenal Professional Grade 3123 PSI Tested Strength - Game Changer for New Home Builds, Repairs, and Pro-Contractor Use. ADISEAL Trusted Brand for Pro-Contractor Use for Commercial Application.”
— Tested by UK Ultimate Handyman
FLORIDA, USA, February 8, 2024 / -- Adhesive will help in the toughest environments. ADISEAL is Professional-Grade Adhesive.
1. ADISEAL applications include wet and hot applications and, of course, dry!
2. Underwater Applications!
3. No worries for projects 212F!

ADISEAL can provide Professional Results!
1. Melting point is 212 °Fahrenheit. Accordingly, ADISEAL has been used in many fireplace construction projects.
2. ADISEAL’s tested strength result is a record-breaking 3123 psi when fully cured. ADISEAL's hybrid polymer formulation will seal instantly before it dries. So at home, it’s possible to repair a leaky gutter or RV roof, among many other applications.
3. Commercial applications too; its record-breaking 3123 psi strength is used during bridge construction.

ADISEAL adhesive is sold nationwide (USA) and is available on, shipped from the USA. ADISEAL adhesive is also available at Lowe’s Home Improvement’s E-commerce website. ADISEAL can also be purchased through ORGILL Distribution, located in Tennessee. Retailer store owner can contact your designated local ORGILL sales team ASAP for more details.

ADISEAL in action:
1. ADISEAL – Strongest Adhesive on the Market – YouTube
2. In an independent adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman, ADISEAL was far stronger than the competition and ranked #1 adhesive & sealant, providing a phenomenal strength of 3123 psi.
Grab adhesive tests 2017 - YouTube
3. An ADISEAL sale to ReArch Company of Vermont. They requested an invoice for ADISEAL adhesive. The builder explained that the IMEG structural company in Avon, Colorado, mandated the use of ADISEAL for 3/8” steel-to-wood stair treads, part of an expensive new build ($8.5 million) in Vermont. ADISEAL was required for the structural integrity of the stair build and longevity performance requirements.
4. Huge exterior waterproofing window project with Lyft & ADISEAL in South Carolina; to seal cedar, metal frame and glass insert substrates.

TESTIMONIAL from 5 X World Champion Mark Gomez:
Between backflips on his jet ski, winning world titles, and stunt work for film and television, professional watercraft athlete and 5 X World Champion Mark Gomez uses ADISEAL on his equipment. As a competitor, Mark defies gravity, with ADISEAL as an adhesive he can trust! 

More details:
Thrilled to announce that ADISEAL USA completed the vendor paperwork for Ace Hardware, and the product will be launched within the next two months via dropship.

More about this incredible product:
It works on dry and wet surfaces. It’s professional results for commercial construction and home improvement projects. For example, For more information about the numerous applications for ADISEAL, please view the provided YOUTUBE video.

ADISEAL – Strongest Adhesive on the Market – YouTube

Success stories:
-ADISEAL was applied to a leaking slide on a 2008 Four Winds Siesta 31 Foot RV 29BG. Problem solved, it can waterproof RVs with ease.
-In California, ADISEAL was used during the installation of a fountain in Huntington Library Gardens in San Marino. The fountain had been shipped in pieces and ADISEAL was used to help adhere them together. Please view the finished fountain photo below!
- A cedar cabin in Tennessee went from leaking to keeping the water out, thanks to ADISEAL.
-In Seattle, Washington, ADISEAL was used by the ORCA Bay Food Seafood Processing Facility, to repair their building compressor.

"#1 Professional Grade Adhesive - ADISEAL; strongest adhesive bond" ~ UK Ultimate Handyman, even on wet surfaces, which provide professional results for repairs! ADISEAL seals instantly, even before it dries.

Marine grade adhesive, ADISEAL was the only one that broke the test rig in the UK with the Ultimate Handyman. "It’s the best adhesive in the world." ~ Lowes Category Manager at their in house demo.

Many cities in Florida– Cape Coral, Daytona, Jacksonville, Miami, Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers Beach, and St. Petersburg– are impressed by the ADISEAL product. Not surprisingly, ADISEAL is an approved vendor in their databases for future projects.

Different city-based projects, located in Colorado, are brand loyal to ADISEAL, with two contract purchases. ADISEAL is their go-to for repairs. Their first cost-saving project repair of their important ice-skating cooling tower component of the chiller.

Given ADISEAL product’s phenomenal strength of 3123 psi (3 times the strength of their competitor’s brand), their brand-loyal contractor from J&N Stone, Inc. builds his retaining walls in Davenport, Florida, with ADISEAL. For two consecutive years they’ve repeated their purchases of ADISEAL product, underscoring its value and effectiveness.

More examples of ADISEAL’s use:
-A government agency is using ADISEAL for the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) construction project.
-The Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism purchased ADISEAL to help repair their wave pool area for the season.
-General Mills, formerly known as TNT Crust, used ADISEAL for a freezer repair project.
-Bound Construction Corp. used it in their NYC-based project, a restoration of a landmark single-family home. A contractor placed multiple case orders of ADISEAL for the metal floor joist project.
-Another East coast project in which ADISEAL is being used involves floor renovation for an Atlantic City, New Jersey, condo.
-In 2024, cases of ADISEAL were required to complete the Sunrise Courts LLC squash courts projects (it was used to adhere the floor panels).
-Florida Disney Buena Vista Construction Company inquired about ADISEAL for their horse stable project, since non-toxic specification was needed to keep the horses safe.

-ADISEAL waterproofing saved a family $100 thousand, preventing them from having to tear down the front of their house. They used 4 tubes of ADISEAL to accomplish this.
-An adjacent Chesapeake Bay-front house used just one tube of ADISEAL to help waterproof and prevent torrential rain from penetrating the structure.
-Some of the most heartfelt ADISEAL purchases have been those made by homeowners in Florida who reside in hurricane-prone areas. "They’ve personally thanked me for selling them the ADISEAL needed to remedy large gaps in their home repair projects." ~ ADISEAL customer located in Florida
-Another meaningful ADISEAL sale was made to a landscaping contractor, who confirmed they will use the adhesive to repair separated stone grave markers. Now, the cemetery has made two new ADISEAL purchases to repair other broken grave markers.

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ADISEAL – Strongest Adhesive on the Market – YouTube