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A New Solution for Pre and Post-Surgical Recovery to Help Plastic Surgeons Offer Faster Recovery to Their Patients.


Patient Receiving ELIXIR Detox Treatment before Surgery

Patient Receiving ELIXIR MD™ Cellular Repair Treatment After Facelift Surgery  at Kevin Sadati

Patient Receiving Cellular Repair Treatment After Facelift Surgery

New Pre and Post-operative Treatments Proven to Optimize Skin for Surgical Procedures.

Integrating ELIXIR MD™ Treatments into our pre and post-operative care has been transformative. The therapy significantly reduces bruising and swelling, accelerating our patients' recovery.”
— Dr. Kevin Sadati, Plastic Surgeon
IRVINE, CA, USA, January 20, 2024 / -- Traditionally, plastic surgeons have faced immense pressure to deliver successful results while also managing the pre- and post-operative care of their patients. This can be a daunting task, often leading to burnout and decreased patient satisfaction. With the ELIXIR MD™ a solution, surgeons can now focus solely on the surgical procedure while the solution takes care of the rest. This not only allows for a smoother surgical process but also leads to better patient outcomes.

The latest advancement in pre-operative care has been making waves in the medical community. The ELIXIR MD™ Detox, a pre-operative treatment designed to optimize the skin for surgical procedures, has been proven to reduce the risk of infection and post-operative complications. This innovative treatment works by reducing the bacterial load, oils, toxins, and secretions on the skin, creating a sterile and more stable environment for surgery.

The ELIXIR MD™ Detox has been tested experienced surgeons who recognized the importance of preparing the skin before surgery. By removing impurities and creating a clean canvas, the subcutaneous tissues are better able to heal and recover after a surgical procedure. This preparation plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of infection and post-operative complications, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients.

According to Dr. Kevin Sadati, a leading Plastic surgeon, "We have seen a significant decrease in post-operative infections and complications since implementing The ELIXIR MD™ Detox as a pre-operative treatment for our patients. It not only creates a more sterile environment for surgery, but it also helps to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin." The ELIXIR MD™ Detox has been used in various surgical procedures, including cosmetic surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, and even minor procedures such as acne treatments.

The ELIXIR MD™ Detox is quickly gaining recognition as solution in the world of pre-operative care. With its proven results and no side effects, it is becoming an imporatnt treatment for surgeons and patients alike. As the medical community continues to prioritize patient safety and optimal outcomes, The Detox is sure to become a standard practice in pre-operative care.

The journey to recovery after a surgery can be a long and challenging one. However, with the introduction of the ELIXIR MD™ Cellular Repair Treatment, the process of healing just got a whole lot easier. This innovative treatment, designed to penetrate the skin and stimulate cellular repair and tissue regeneration, is set to revolutionize the post-surgery recovery process.

The ELIXIR MD™ Cellular Repair Treatment utilizes a process called photobiomodulation, which alters the skin's biological pathways at a cellular level. This stimulation enhances circulation and red blood cell production, both crucial elements for healing. By targeting the affected area, the treatment promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of complications, such as scarring and infection.

This treatment is particularly beneficial for those who have undergone surgeries, as it helps to speed up the recovery process and improve overall healing. The Elixir Cellular Repair Treatment has been tested and proven to be effective in promoting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation, making it a new solution in the world of post-surgery recovery.

"We've crafted a solution that benefits both Plastic Surgeons and Patients. By incorporating pre- and post-operative care into the surgical plan, we've significantly reduced the pressure on surgeons. Additionally, our approach ensures patients feel well-cared for, allowing them to actively participate and observe their healing journey. This leads to improved outcomes and heightened patient satisfaction rates. We are thrilled to introduce the ELIXIR MD™ Detox and Cellular Repair Treatments to the market. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a treatment that not only penetrates the skin but also stimulates cellular repair and tissue regeneration. We believe that this treatment will greatly benefit those who have undergone surgeries and are looking for a faster and more effective way to heal," said Ewan Yassen, the CEO of ELIXIR MD™.

Since its debut in February 2023, ELIXIR MD™ has rapidly grown its footprint across the U.S. The company is actively taking orders from aesthetic service providers keen to introduce this cutting-edge treatment in their practices. For detailed information on ELIXIR MD™, its array of treatments, and provider details, explore and stay updated by following the company on LinkedIn.

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