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Dynamic Alliance Roofing Tackles Wildlife and Pest Control Challenges on Wisconsin’s Commercial Roofs

Regular inspections are crucial. They help identify potential weak spots and early signs of pest intrusion, allowing for timely interventions.”
— Thad Brown

In the varied climate of Wisconsin, commercial roofing faces a unique set of challenges, not least of which is the persistent issue of wildlife and pest intrusions. Dynamic Alliance Roofing, under the leadership of Thad Brown, addresses this problem head-on, ensuring the integrity and longevity of commercial roofing systems across the state.

The Hidden Threat: Wildlife and Pest Damage to Commercial Roofs

Wisconsin's diverse wildlife, including birds, rodents, and insects, can inadvertently become a significant threat to the structural integrity of commercial roofs. These creatures often seek shelter in roofing systems, leading to damage that, if left unaddressed, can escalate into costly repairs.

Birds: More Than Just a Nuisance

Birds, particularly in urban areas, are known to nest in roof structures. Their nesting materials can clog drains and gutters, leading to water pooling and subsequent roof damage. Additionally, bird droppings are acidic and can cause deterioration of roofing materials over time.

Rodents: The Silent Menace

Rodents like rats and squirrels may seem harmless, but they can cause considerable damage to commercial roofs. They are known to chew through materials, leading to leaks and compromising the roof's overall structural integrity. The entry points created by rodents can also allow water and other pests to penetrate the roofing system.

Insects: Small but Significant

Insects, particularly termites and carpenter ants, can be destructive to wooden roof structures. Their presence often goes unnoticed until significant damage has been done, making early detection and control vital.

Dynamic Alliance Roofing: Proactive and Preventative Measures

Thad Brown, the owner of Dynamic Alliance Roofing, emphasizes the importance of regular roof inspections and maintenance to prevent wildlife and pest-related damages. "Regular inspections are crucial. They help identify potential weak spots and early signs of pest intrusion, allowing for timely interventions," says Brown.

Integrated Pest Management Approach

Dynamic Alliance Roofing adopts an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, focusing on long-term prevention through a combination of techniques. This approach includes regular monitoring, use of environmentally-sensitive pesticides, and structural maintenance to eliminate potential nesting or breeding sites.

Customized Solutions for Every Building

Understanding that each commercial building has unique needs, Dynamic Alliance Roofing tailors its approach to each client. Whether it's installing bird deterrents, reinforcing potential entry points, or advising on proper roof drainage to deter pests, the focus is on providing solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Educating Clients: A Key Strategy

Part of the company's strategy includes educating clients about the importance of pest control in maintaining roof integrity. By understanding the signs of pest intrusion and the potential risks, building owners and managers can be more proactive in addressing these issues.

Long-Term Maintenance Plans

Dynamic Alliance Roofing offers long-term maintenance plans, which are critical in the early detection and prevention of pest-related damages. These plans include regular inspections and maintenance tasks tailored to the specific needs of each commercial roof. Thad Brown states, "These maintenance plans are designed to identify and address problems before they escalate, ensuring the roof's longevity and functionality."

Collaboration with Pest Control Experts

Recognizing the complexity of wildlife and pest control, Dynamic Alliance Roofing collaborates with licensed pest control experts. This partnership ensures that any pest issue is dealt with effectively and safely, using the latest techniques and products that are safe for both the environment and the roof structure.

Cost-Effectiveness of Preventative Measures

While some may view regular maintenance and pest control measures as an additional expense, Thad Brown highlights the cost-effectiveness of these preventative strategies. "The cost of regular maintenance and pest control is significantly lower than the expenses incurred from repairing major damage caused by pests. It's an investment in the roof's longevity," he explains.

Compliance with Regulations

Dynamic Alliance Roofing also ensures that all pest control measures comply with state and federal wildlife regulations. This compliance is crucial not only for legal reasons but also for the ethical treatment of wildlife.

Roofing Materials and Design Considerations

In addition to maintenance and pest control, the choice of roofing materials and design plays a significant role in deterring wildlife and pest intrusion. Dynamic Alliance Roofing advises on the best materials and designs that offer resistance to pests while meeting the building's aesthetic and functional requirements.

The Importance of Immediate Action

Thad Brown stresses the importance of immediate action when signs of wildlife or pest intrusion are detected. "Delaying action can lead to more severe damage and higher repair costs. Immediate intervention is key," he advises.


Dynamic Alliance Roofing is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to the challenges posed by wildlife and pests on commercial roofs in Wisconsin. With a focus on prevention, education, and tailored solutions, the company ensures that commercial roofs remain in optimal condition, safeguarding the investments of building owners and managers.

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