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Franco Martinez of Argentina to be featured in next Brian Evans music video

Franco Martinez to be featured in new music video by Brian Evans

Brian Evans to honor late friend comedian Louie Anderson in next music video. The late legendary comedian gave Evans the idea for the music video.

Brian Evans to honor late friend comedian Louie Anderson in next music video

Brian Evans & William Shatner performing during concert together.

Brian Evans performing during a concert with William Shatner. Both were added to The National Baseball Hall of Fame for their music video "At Fenway."

Brian Evans is working on numerous new projects while also discovering a new talent in Franco Martinez

Brian Evans is producing numerous new songs and productions, and his discovery of a new talent, Franco Martinez of Argentina, has us all excited. Brian is inspired by his late friend Louie Anderson.”
— Mark Biltz
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 15, 2024 / -- The late comedian Louie Anderson and singer Brian Evans teamed up to produce a new music video, with the addition of newly discovered actor Franco Martinez from Argentina added to the cast. The collaboration between these three talented individuals is sure to bring a unique and entertaining project to audiences. The video will be produced by Evans, with the single being co-produced by Franco Caffa. The song itself will be Evans' rendition of the Barry Manilow classic, "I Can't Smile Without You."

The late Louie Anderson, known for his stand-up comedy and roles in hit TV shows such as "Baskets" and "Life with Louie", had lent his comedic talents to the music video with various ideas for his longtime friend Brian Evans. Anderson's humor and charisma are sure to add a special touch to the project and extends the legacy of the comedic giant to music lovers.

Brian Evans, a singer and songwriter, has had a successful career in the music industry with hits like "At Fenway" with William Shatner and "Creature at The Bates Motel". Evans will be producing the music for the video, bringing his signature sound and style to the project. Evans has also authored several novels including the highly acclaimed "Horrorscope," which was adapted to a graphic novel by Westwind Comics last year and featured at Comic-Con.

The music video, which is set to be released later this year, promises to be a one-of-a-kind collaboration between these three talented individuals. With Anderson's comedic genius, Evans' musical talents, and Franco Martinez being added to the cast, the project will surely delight.

"It is with great pleasure that Louie Anderson, who has always been an incredible friend to me, remain a part of this project that he really liked. It was he who gave me the idea for the entire project," says Evans. "I miss him dearly." Evans had been friends with Louie since the singer was 17 years old.

Louie Anderson, who passed away on January 21st of 2022, also helped to promote Evans song and music video "It's A Beautiful Game" that was Evans most recent video and featured actors Lou Diamond Phillips, ICE-T, and "Breaking Bad" star RJ Mitte.

"This new video will honor Louie and the idea he gave me for its concept," says Evans. "I am also very glad to have discovered Franco Martinez from Argentina as I believe he will be a terrific addition to the cast," he concludes.

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Brian Evans & William Shatner in "At Fenway."