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Certified Professional Parliamentarian Teacher Kay Allison Crews interviewed on Growing Our Future Podcast

Crews discusses her role as a parliamentarian, her path to this role and the importance of her skills in today’s world - Powered by Mission Matters Podcast Agency

Beverly Hills , Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Growing Our Future podcast host Aaron Alejandro sits down with Kay Allison Crews, Certified Professional Parliamentarian Teacher (CPP-T) and Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP), to discuss the topic of how you can “Preside with Grace, Confidence and Humor” in her career field. Crews has been serving the FFA as their parliamentarian, both in Texas and nationally for several years. “I have come to love working with the FFA,” Crews says, who Alejandro calls a subject matter expert behind the scenes.

Alejandro starts the podcast with his same question he asks everyone: “What are three things you are grateful for today?” Crews says she thought a lot about the question before the podcast so she was prepared. “First of all, I’m grateful for my health,” Crews says, who is a family caregiver and values her ability to take care of others. She is also grateful for her education, because no one can take that away from her. And finally, she is grateful for her friends, who have supported her along the way. Alejandro also expresses his appreciation for family, friends and his job.

Crews then talks about the credentials she carries, including the professional registered parliamentarian credential, which she obtained by demonstrating her skills before a small group of her peers. There are various steps to gain certified credentials, and she was able to fulfill all necessary requirements. Crews says there are only about 50 people who hold both of the credentials she has.

Growing up in Huntsville, Texas, she says she “grew up in a family that valued democracy, and parliamentary procedure is a lot about democracy, about fairness and equity and justice; in meetings in organizations.” Due to her father’s roles within the school system, she learned a lot about democratic values, which set her on her path very early in life. Her mother also helped her, when she allowed her to attend some women’s group meetings in Washington, D.C. “Being nice is never a bad plan,” she says of the values she learned from both of her parents.

Crews says her journey officially started when she took a class in parliamentary procedure in order to better understand the rules of organizations she was joining in college. She now teaches the same class she took and said it was her beginning into the life she has now.

Crews emphasizes the importance of parliamentary procedure skills in today's world, as decisions are constantly being made in meetings. She highlights that having a good command of parliamentary procedure and understanding the basics of democracy can give individuals a competitive edge in the job market, particularly for those seeking to become involved in student government, boards and committees.

Crews also shares her personal experience of learning parliamentary procedure as a freshman in high school, and how it has benefited her throughout her professional career. She says it is a unique and valuable skill that can be useful in a variety of industries, including labor unions, political parties and even elevator repair organizations.

“There are a lot of things you can do, and take this knowledge and expand on it,” Crews says of her background. Crews believes young people should consider learning parliamentary procedure, because it can equip them with the skills needed to make effective decisions and run meetings efficiently. “Everywhere you go for the rest of your life, there are going to be meetings. Decisions are going to have to be made,” Crews explains.

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In this podcast, the host and guest cover:

  • Would becoming a professional parliamentarian be rewarding?
  • What are some examples of jobs a student could pursue if choosing to be a professional parliamentarian?
  • How does pursuing a career in parliamentary procedure give someone a competitive edge in the job market?
  • How do we let voices be heard in democracy by using parliamentary procedure?

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Teacher Kay Allison Crews interviewed on Growing Our Future Podcast

Crews discusses her role as a parliamentarian, her path to this role and the importance of her skills in today’s world - Powered by Mission Matters Podcast Agency