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Nathan Hochman, Leading Candidate for District Attorney, Releases ‘Blueprint for Justice’ Plan to Restore Public Safety

Nathan Hochman For Los Angeles County District Attorney 2024

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2024 / -- Nathan Hochman, former federal prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney General and L.A. City Ethics Commission President, today released his “Blueprint for Justice,” a detailed plan that outlines how he will reduce crime and restore public safety as the next Los Angeles County District Attorney.

“My Blueprint for Justice describes the actions I will take from Day 1 to restore public safety in Los Angeles County,” Hochman said. “I will be ready on Day 1 to remove politics from prosecutorial decisions and restore independence, honesty, and integrity to prevent crime, protect public safety, and ensure justice is served to all L.A. County residents.”

The 2,500-word Blueprint for Justice is available on the Hochman campaign website and outlines his policies on case filing, sentencing, three strikes, organized retail theft, gang crime, parole hearings, cash bail, the death penalty, environmental crime, the fentanyl epidemic, police misconduct, mental illness, homelessness and how he will handle first-time, non-violent offenders.

As the next District Attorney, Hochman will immediately reverse each of the pro-criminal, blanket special directives Gascon implemented when he took office in December 2020. These directives handcuffed prosecutors, not criminals, prohibiting the use of certain laws and significantly reducing potential prison sentences for committing crime in L.A. County.

“Violent crimes and property crimes have surged during Gascon’s time in office, which is exactly what you would expect when criminals are told up front by the D.A. that they will not be fully prosecuted under the law and will be released early from any sentence they receive,” Hochman said. “Gascon’s pro-criminal, blanket policies will end when I am elected District Attorney.”

Recent polling found that 60% of L.A. County residents feel less safe today than they did when Gascon took office, while only 11% said they feel safer. The polling also showed Gascon deeply unpopular with the majority of voters and that Hochman was the favorite to enter into a November runoff with Gascon.

“Under my administration, violent criminals who use guns or other deadly weapons will be prosecuted and punished, not released back to the street to commit more crimes,” Hochman said. “Prosecutors will be allowed to attend parole hearings to support victims and oppose the early release of violent offenders. Public safety will be the guiding light leading every decision I make.”

Hochman announced last week that he has raised a record of more than $1.25 million that will be used to communicate his message that he is the best candidate to defeat Gascon and restore public safety to the millions of L.A. County residents who will vote in the March 5 primary.

About Nathan Hochman:

Nathan Hochman, a former federal prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney General and President of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, is the leading candidate to replace George Gascon as District Attorney of Los Angeles County. He is running as an Independent (no party preference) because politics has no place in the District Attorney’s Office. For more information about Hochman and his campaign, please visit

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