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Singer and songwriter Malvis Heartfilia launches his lively Phonk anthem "City Kitty"

INDONESIA, December 6, 2023 / -- Upcoming singer and songwriter Malvis Heartfilia is all set to release his latest track, “City Kitty,” on all major streaming platforms this December 29, 2023. Released in affiliation with CEKR Music Record Label, the song will be available on all major streaming platforms for listeners to enjoy Malvis’ magic.

The song is a dazzling fusion of Chopped & Screwed, G-Funk, and vaporwave; it features cool beats, funky vibes, and Malvis’s very own pinch of magic. Coming from the “Phonk” genre, a subgenre of hip-hop and Trap music, the track seamlessly blends multiple influences to create a truly captivating sound.

Malvis owes it all to the CEKR Music record label for helping him bring a whole new world of sounds to his fans and music enthusiasts across the globe. She shared, “My new song will be released under the prestigious label of CEKR Musik. We promise a sonic journey like no other”.

The exciting track by Malvis, “City Kitty,” revolves around the adventures of a city girl in the nighttime. The song’s narrative is relatable and enchanting. It transports the audience into the exploratory world of urban ventures, filled with distinctive and lively lights, backed by a pulsating beat and rich bass lines.

Malvis has collaborated with the talented producer, Yayat Rahmat, for this latest single. His unique touch adds layers of depth to the track, along with the distinct charm brought by Malvis, which sets the release apart from all mainstream pop songs. Yayat has worked hard to ensure the song is enjoyable and effortlessly digestible.

Seno Wongso, spokesperson for CEKR Music, expressed the label's excitement about the release, stating, "We are delighted to release Malvis Heartfilia's new song entitled 'City Kitty.' This song has a different feel than mainstream pop songs, so we hope it can meet the needs of new fans in the music industry".

Malvis’s previous hits, such as “Whiskey Cola” and his latest single, “City Kitty,” are testimonies to his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and delivering music that stands out in today’s music landscape. As a creative and talented solo artist, Malvis strives for excellence in every musical endeavor.

“My vision is to bring the best of the ‘Phonk’ to my audiences and fans. The love and admiration I received after the release of my track ‘Whiskey Cola” was truly heartwarming. It made me realize the growing audience for the Phonk genre still has in this day and age”.

“Following the steps of the Phonk King, ‘SpaceGhostPurrp,’ I want to spread my music to every corner of the world,” he added.

Malvis invites listeners and enthusiasts to embark on this enchanting music journey with “City Kitty.” He promises an unparalleled auditory experience for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.

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About Malvis Heartfilia:
Malvis Heartfilia is an independent artist known for his skills as an excellent singer and songwriter. He has released numerous hit tracks, the most notable being “Whiskey Cola,” which was widely appreciated by fans and music critics alike.

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Yayat Rahmat
CEKR Music