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The Brzycki Group and The Center for the Self in Schools Celebrate 40 Years of Impacting Mental Health and Well-Being

Co-Presidents Elaine Brzycki, Ed.M. and Henry Brzycki, Ph.D.

Celebrating 40 Years of Impact

Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life is a Book for our Times!

Pioneers in Mental Health Prevention Methods Used in 60 Countries

Happy, healthy and flourishing people don’t do harm to themselves or others.”
— Dr. Henry G. Brzycki

STATE COLLEGE, PA, USA, December 5, 2023 / -- For 40 years, positive psychology experts Elaine Brzycki, Ed.M. and Henry Brzycki, Ph.D. have transformed the consciousness of society to help people of all ages understand the importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being in living a happy, healthy and flourishing life.

“Everyone has the right to flourish, and the capacity to learn how,” says The Brzycki Group co-president Elaine Brzycki. “Ever since we married and established The Brzycki Group, we have dedicated our lives to the purpose of empowering individuals. We later created The Center for the Self in Schools to bring our high-impact, research-based practices to schools and colleges.”

From their clinical practice, substantive academic studies and research and five best-selling books, Elaine Brzycki and Dr. Henry Brzycki have developed best practices for putting mental health and well-being at the center of life in the modern world, as a way to not only survive life’s challenges but to experience a real and lasting sense of thriving.

Inventors of The Integrated Self™ Model

“Our work has shown that healing and transformation begin with each individual developing a sense of purpose. Each individual also thrives and grows when they have an open mind to all the possibilities in their life,” explains Dr. Henry Brzycki.

“Happy, healthy and flourishing people don’t do harm to themselves or others. The process of exploring your purpose gives you access to your most core being and inner strength. You naturally want to grow and change—you have a powerful force within. When you put the well-being of your ‘self’ at the center of your life, you actually create yourself to be more giving to others.”

The Brzycki Group invented The Integrated Self™ model, based on cutting-edge research in psychology and human development, to indicate what a mentally healthy and thriving self looks and feels like. Each individual is empowered to observe 40 attributes of The Integrated Self™ and choose those attributes that best support their own transformation toward their highest hopes and dreams.

The Brzycki Group also developed mental health “prevention” methods, to teach skills for resilience and thriving. Optimal mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness; everyone is on their own unique mental health continuum, learning and growing towards higher levels of thriving.

Their work provides essential tools and handbooks that people want and need in a society that takes a toll on everyone’s emotional, psychological and physical well-being, where people are experiencing increasing levels of anxiety, depression and disconnection from their experiences of joy, love and inner peace. Their 5 books and over 300 personal and professional development workshops, courses and programs having achieved the highest ratings, and their work is revered worldwide.

The Brzycki Group pioneered personalized, one-on-one, psycho-educational workshops as an alternative to traditional, long-term therapy. Their workshops guide people who want to know how to see and achieve their unique potentials in life; heal from past traumas; transition to a new stage in life; and tap into their innate passion for making their unique difference in the world. Those who are serious about thriving—to understand themselves, infuse meaning into life, improve health and well-being, become more mindful of their everyday experiences, and help to create a better world—benefit from this evidence-based and research- based work.

Teaching Mental Health Prevention through Schools and Colleges

The methods of The Brzycki Group and The Center for the Self in Schools are used in over 60 countries in teacher education and counselor education programs. They provide teachers, school counselors, parents and students with three (3) researched-based high-impact practices that transform students’ abilities to achieve mental health and well-being.

Dr. Henry Brzycki worked with the U.S. Department of Education, United States Senate Education and Health Committee and the United States Congress Education Committee to develop ESSA, Title IV provisions for imparting mental health through public schooling.

The Brzycki Group and The Center for the Self in Schools championed the “Mental Health for All” initiative and advocacy, which opened up new policies and funding, including the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and the Mental Health Reform Reauthorization Act. Their vision is to make mental health and well-being best practices available to every K-16 student in the world. Their work is often analogized as the pebble in the pond that ripples throughout society.

The Brzycki Group and The Center for the Self in School’s research has shown that school-aged children with psychological well-being have a lower risk of mental health disorders and physical health diagnosis and behaviors such as violence, anxiety, depression, obesity, cutting, substance abuse and bullying. Psychological well-being is an important protective factor to impart in a young person's life in preparation for college and careers, and for a positive life course trajectory.

Their books and workshops help educators produce mental health and well-being outcomes in the classroom and through school activities. When the self becomes the lens through which students learn, students balance cognitive with non-cognitive factors to become happy and whole people.

A Lifelong Purpose

Elaine Brzycki and Dr. Henry Brzycki’s foundational belief is that each person has within them the full resources and capabilities to live a happy, healthy and flourishing life.

“Our life purposes have evolved as we’ve learned and grown in our relationship. And we’ve known and loved each other for over 40 years—so that’s a lot of learning and growing! We have come to know that our guiding purposes are what brought us to together in love,” says Dr. Henry Brzycki.

“We found that we both experienced upbringings in which our families did not know how to prioritize mental health and well-being, and while as children we couldn’t understand or express this, it left a lasting impression.

Ever since we met each other, we’ve been working on creating our own pathways to well-being and then to bring well-being into people’s everyday experiences and lives.”

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