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StructShare Officially Launches Integrations with Leading Construction Software

StructShare Enhanced ERP Announcement

StructShare Enhanced ERP Announcement

StructShare team wins 'Showstopper Award' at NECA 2023

StructShare team wins 'Showstopper Award' at NECA 2023

StructShare continues to revolutionize construction materials management with seamless integrations, streamlining purchasing and materials management

By reducing manual entry and human error, we enhance efficiency and accuracy, ensuring our clients can maximize their current systems without compromise.”
— Arik Davidi, Co-founder of StructShare
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITES STATES, November 30, 2023 / -- As the construction industry continues to embrace technology and digital solutions , it becomes clear that the seamless integration of solutions is a crucial topic in successful implementation and adoption. Moreover, there is an opportunity to eliminate double data entry and prevent errors. In the case of procurement software, assuring consistency of procurement data with the financial systems of record, and eliminating the daily financial data entry is a primary point of value for specialty trade contractors.

In a landscape where efficiency is paramount, StructShare is continuing to make waves with its user-focused interfaces and robust integrations. These integrations not only simplify complex processes but also ensure the accurate exchange of data, fostering a cohesive and streamlined workflow and project control.

After several successful integrations, StructShare announces it smoothly connects with clients’ ERP, accounting, and project management software such as Viewpoint Vista, Viewpoint Spectrum, Sage contractor-focused solutions, QuickBooks, Foundation, Procore Financials, and more. Some integrations are built in-house and some are powered by third-party partners like Agave API with its robust and secure ERP integration platform.

“We are focused on providing our customers with the best solutions for their procurement workflow pains. The combination of building secure and robust in-house capabilities and partnering with other like-minded integration platforms, enable us to rapidly launch and customize our integrations without compromising accuracy and reliability,” says Or Lakritz, Co-founder of StructShare.

Shaya Weinberger, Purchasing Manager at Best Mechanical Plumbing, comments about her experience with the StructShare’s integration: “[Our] data is synced smoothly into QuickBooks. Automating this process saves valuable time and minimizes errors, leading to more accurate financial tracking and reporting.”

Key Benefits of StructShare's Integrations:

Zero-Touch Data Flow: The integration minimizes office overhead and reduces the risk of human errors. This zero-touch approach enhances overall data accuracy and frees up valuable time for construction professionals to focus on core tasks.

Syncing Purchase Orders: The seamless synchronization of purchase orders facilitates more accurate financial forecasting. This real-time data exchange empowers project managers and financial teams to make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to better budget management and cost control.

Syncing Invoices: Reliable and timely syncing of invoices not only ensures up-to-date financial data, but also streamlines the payment process. The result is improved financial visibility and enhanced cash flow management.

Accounting-Procurement Sync: Integrating accounting and procurement allows for easy and granular audits with line-item level analysis. This level of transparency ensures compliance and accountability, making the audit process smoother and more comprehensive.

“At StructShare, we embrace a 'do no harm' approach. Our integrations are crafted to complement, not disrupt, existing workflows. By reducing manual entry and human error, we enhance efficiency and accuracy, ensuring our clients can maximize their current systems without compromise,” says Arik Davidi, Co-founder of StructShare.

Joel Friedman, Purchasing Manager at VeeBee Cooling shared, “The integration with our ERP system completely simplified the financial workflow, making it more efficient and less prone to errors. This integration not only saved time but also ensured financial accuracy, a critical aspect in maintaining the company’s financial health.”

StructShare's enhanced integrations with leading construction software are reshaping the industry by simplifying processes and enhancing data accuracy. As construction professionals look for ways to optimize their operations, these integrations emerge as a crucial tool to foster efficiency and control across procurement, project management, and accounting functions.

Stay tuned for in-depth interviews and case studies that shed light on how industry leaders are leveraging StructShare's integrations to elevate their construction projects.

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