Integrity ISR Announces Launch of New Space Training Tool “Orbital Edge”

Danielle Storan, President and CEO of Integrity ISR

Integrity ISR is dedicated to enhancing coalition warfighters' preparedness and space interoperability for the future by providing advanced training to the US government and its allies and partners.”
— Danielle Storan, Integrity ISR President & CEO
WILLIAMSBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023 / -- Integrity ISR, a leading provider of ISR, Cyber, and Space training solutions through its training platform ISR University, in partnership with LSAS Tec USA, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of “Orbital Edge.” Orbital Edge is an interactive, cloud-based tool that allows students to learn space fundamentals and advanced space concepts within gold standard modeling/simulation software—providing a “tactile” modality to space learning. Orbital Edge will be incorporated into ISR University’s full space catalog.

Orbital Edge allows ISR University instructors to craft customized curriculum that blends interactive activities, exercises, and capstone projects that provide mission analysis, orbital mechanics, and orbit types training. It will also allow students to manipulate orbit propagation, time of flight, orbital transfers, and other parameters to practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

"Space is a contested environment, and space superiority is no longer guaranteed," said Danielle Storan, President and CEO of Integrity ISR. "To improve readiness and foster increased space interoperability among tomorrow’s coalition warfighters, Integrity ISR is committed to bringing cutting-edge training to the US government, it Allies and partners, and the space industry. Space concepts can be hard for students to visualize. Orbital Edge bridges that gap and allows us to provide realistic, hands-on training within the space domain."

Orbital Edge is hosted on a virtual computer on the LSAS Tec cloud, allowing students to access everything they need, including training content on other learning management systems, with just a click of a link. In addition to learning space concepts, students will learn how to use the Ansys System Tool Kit (STK) - an industry-standard tool - without having to purchase an individual license.

"As a former Army officer, I understand the importance of training our military forces,” said Matthew Halferty, CEO of LSAS Tec USA, Inc. “We have developed an easy way to access training via the LSAS Cloud, and our partnership with Integrity ISR will provide content and expertise that can't be matched."

About Integrity ISR and ISR University:
Integrity ISR offers a wide range of services for C4ISR, Space, and Cyber strategy, training, and operations that enable ISR and space personnel to operate in any domain under any conditions, from permissive to highly contested/denied environments.

Integrity ISR launched ISR University in May 2019 to revolutionize ISR, Space, and Cyber training, teaching student-centric courses to U.S. personnel, coalition partners, and the commercial space and defense industries. In 2021, ISR University’s partnered with the US Space Force Associate to launch the Global Space University space training and certification program--allowing them to bring space training to SFA members around the globe!

Integrity ISR is an SBA-certified Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business.

For more information on Integrity ISR and ISR University, please visit their websites at and

About LSAS Tec USA:
With over 30 years of expertise in aerospace and software development, LSAS is focused on providing maximum user benefit through automation and support of mission design and operations in all domains: Land, Sea, Air, and Space, hence our name – LSAS. By developing additional COTS software capabilities, LSAS enhances our partner’s solutions to increase operational efficiency, enabling informed decision-making, and unlocking new possibilities for their customers.

LSAS Tec has a strong global presence, with strategically located staff in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Japan, allowing us to effectively serve clients worldwide and cater to specific needs.

For more information on LSAS Tec USA, please visit their website at

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