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Dario Forzato is the composer of new Hulu Original documentary ‘We Live Here: The Midwest’

Dario Forzato, film composer

We Live Here: The Midwest

Documentary series spotlighting LGBTQI+ families in the heartland of America set to launch on Dec. 6

It was a pleasure working with director Melinda Maerker, editor Lindsay Kent, and producer David Miller. They gave me a lot of freedom to find the sound for this lovely documentary.”
— Dario Forzato
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 16, 2023 / -- Composer Dario Forzato has been chosen to compose the score for the highly anticipated Hulu Original documentary 'We Live Here: The Midwest.' The groundbreaking series, which delves into the lives of LGBTQI+ families residing in the heartland of America, is scheduled to launch on December 6. Through intimate storytelling, 'We Live Here: The Midwest' highlights the individual experiences of families facing discrimination and rising hostility while establishing their lives. It was also listed at Forbes as one of the ‘10 Can’t-Miss Documentaries On Cable, Streaming And Online This Fall’.

Dario Forzato is celebrated for his versatile compositions, which have graced numerous documentaries, films, and television series. His ability to evoke emotion, capture the essence of a story, and create a relatable and impactful connection through his music has led him to multiple opportunities on Hulu and other production companies. With his contributions to 'We Live Here: The Midwest,' Forzato continues to showcase his extraordinary talent and dedication to artistic excellence.

“It was a pleasure working with director Melinda Maerker, editor Lindsay Kent, and producer David Miller. They gave me a lot of freedom to find the sound for this lovely documentary”, highlights Forzato. Viewers can expect a mixed of midwest instruments and sounds with modern elements. The goal was to create a memorable main theme that could accompany the viewer throughout the different segments and regions the documentary takes place in. The composer also adds he “enjoyed learning from and connecting with the stories in this very powerful documentary”.

'We Live Here: The Midwest' will exclusively debut on Hulu, starting December 6. This groundbreaking series not only highlights the LGBTQI+ experience in America's heartland but also offers an opportunity for individuals from all backgrounds to connect and learn about this particular matter.

About Dario Forzato
Dario Forzato is an Italian-born composer, songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. His work has ranged from writing and performing the theme for Ubisoft's best selling video game 'Rocksmith', to scoring and producing music for a variety of television shows, independent films, TV promos, and documentaries.

Dario has scored the feature films ‘Sharkskin’ (2015), ‘Scrambled’ (2023), ‘It Hits You When You Know It’ (2020), and ‘The Box’ (2023) as well as the upcoming Hulu Originals’ documentary ‘We Live Here’ (Fall 2023) and feature documentary ‘A Long Hard Streak’ (2024). He also co-wrote and produced the song “Zero Gravity” for the feature documentary ‘Zero Gravity’ (2021), performed by artist Willow Stephens.

In August 2022 Dario released the EP “Anomalie” an experimental cinematic album for which he received two nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

About ‘We Live Here: The Midwest’
'We Live Here: The Midwest' Highlights the individual experiences of LGBTQI+ families who, in the face of discriminatory laws and rising hostility, are attempting to establish lives in their communities. Directed by Melinda Maerker and produced by David Miller

'We Live Here: The Midwest' will exclusively debut on Hulu starting December 6.

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