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Cordio Medical Presents Study Validating Voice Signature AI Tool that Monitors Congestive Heart Failure

Cordio Medical

HearO ™ app predicts possible complications in patients with heart failure through speech, detecting the accumulation of fluid related to the disease.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / -- Cordio Medical, developer of the HearO® app, presented the positive results from their clinical study during the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions. The research tested and validated the HearO® app, which combines the first smartphone-based mobile speech application and cloud-based computing to detect changes in Speech Measures (SM) indicative of worsening heart failure.

The Cordio HearO® system demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify patients at risk of worsening heart failure, offering a critical window for timely intervention and treatment. By harnessing the power of AI and speech analysis, this innovative technology has the potential to significantly reduce heart failure events, improve patient outcomes, and usher in a new era of personalized, proactive healthcare.

“Worsening heart failure events (HFEs) requiring hospitalization and intravenous therapies represent one of the most pressing medical challenges,” said Tamir Tal, CEO of Cordio Medical. “The ability to predict heart failure events before they occur creates the potential to reduce heart failure events significantly, and by extension, the leading cause of hospitalizations in patients over 65.”

The study's objective was to develop and validate a practical user-friendly tool for predicting such events in ambulatory heart failure patients to prevent hospitalization and/or intravenous therapies. In the development group, 76.3% of first and recurrent heart failure events were detected before they occurred, with a similar success rate of 71.4% in the test group. Events were detected approximately 3 weeks in advance, and the unexplained priority notification rate was minimal (1).

"Our research marks a pivotal moment in the fight against heart failure,” says Dr. William T. Abraham, College of Medicine Distinguished Professor at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the study's lead researcher. “With the Cordio HearO® system, we've harnessed the potential of AI to monitor heart failure patients remotely through a person’s unique voice signature and a smartphone. We're not just predicting events; we're providing an opportunity for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes."

Cordio HearO® Community Study, a non-interventional, single-arm clinical study, enrolled New York Heart Association Class II and III heart failure outpatients, irrespective of left ventricular ejection fraction.

Cordio Medical
Cordio Medical develops and provides groundbreaking solutions for monitoring health conditions through a patient's speech. Cordio Medical's technologies are based on true speech signal processing technology, unique to each patient, augmented with machine learning capabilities. We strive to improve patient health quality and mortality while contributing to the advancement of health economics. For more information on Cordio Medical, go to

1) Abraham, W., et al. (2023). Validation of a Speech Analysis Application to Detect Worsening Heart Failure Events in Ambulatory Heart Failure Patients!/10871/presentation/16568

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