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Docbyte is the first organisation to be certified as a Qualified Electronic Archiving provider in the World

Michiel Van Driessche (l), Frederik Rosseel and Tom De Cubber (r)

Docbyte becomes first certified global provider of Qualified Electronic Archiving, ensuring legal certainty and authenticity of digital information.

GENT, BELGIUM, November 13, 2023 / -- Docbyte is the first organisation to be certified as a Qualified Electronic Archiving provider in the World!

Docbyte, a leading provider of trust services, announced today that it is the first company to be included on the list of European Trust Services as a Provider of Trust Services for Qualified Electronic Archiving in Belgium, Europe, and the world. The certification was already carried out by KPMG Belgium in June. This groundbreaking achievement in the field of digital archiving ensures greater legal certainty and a reversal of the burden of proof for electronic documents and guarantees the long-term validity of digital signatures and other forms of digital information.

Docbyte offers both the trust service for qualified preservation of documents and data, as well as for digital signatures.

Increased Legal Certainty

Qualified Electronic Archiving will become a legal obligation for preserving all electronic information with a legal retention period in Belgium, and will soon become one of the new European Trust Services under the revision of eIDAS.

This level of assurance with regard to the authenticity, integrity and readability of documents and data is paramount in the European initiatives with regard to fully digitizing the economy and introducing the European Digital Identity Wallet.

An Important Milestone for Docbyte

"This is one of the most important days in the existence of our company. This is something that we have been working towards for years and is the proof and validation that we have been doing the right thing. We hope that this will be a milestone in creating a safer and better way for preserving and sharing digital information and signatures," said Frederik Rosseel, CEO of Docbyte.

Michiel Van Driessche, Technical Product Owner, added, "After years of hard work, reviewing various standards, and exploring the technical possibilities to make these standards work together into a coherent solution, I am pleased that we are being recognized through our certification. This certification proves that we have succeeded in building the most comprehensive solution possible that can meet the various regulations."

Tom De Cubber, Chief Compliance Officer, emphasized the importance of this certification, stating, "An accredited independent party has confirmed that we really understand and practice all security and compliance requirements that guarantee a secure archiving solution, even for the most sensitive contracts. It's great to be part of this cutting-edge technology journey that offers a European context for secure collaboration and information exchange."

A mature solution

Docbyte has been working in the field of Enterprise Archiving since its foundation in 2006. The company started creating its digital archiving solution back in 2014, based on the OAIS-model, and has customers in Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, and the Public Sector.

About Docbyte

Docbyte is a leading European Trust Services provider specializing in Intelligent Document Processing and Digital Archiving solutions. Established in 2006 and headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, Docbyte has been at the forefront of streamlining Regulated Information Exchange processes for the Financial Services and Insurance industry, Public Sector, and Healthcare. Committed to delivering secure and reliable digital information exchange and preservation, Docbyte's Trust Solutions offer businesses peace of mind in managing and safeguarding their critical data. As a privately held company, Docbyte continues to drive innovation and excellence in the evolving digital landscape.

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