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Create: A Digital Asset Marketplace Redefining Digital Ownership

CASPER, WYOMING , UNITED STATES, November 12, 2023 / -- In the world of blockchain, digital assets are about to witness a transformation with the imminent arrival of Create—a digital asset marketplace poised to redefine digital ownership as we know it. Offering a seamless experience driven by universal interoperability, zero gas fees, zero bridges, e-commerce integration, social media features, Single Sign-On, and the tokenization of real-world items, Create emerges as a pioneer in the digital asset space.

Universal Interoperability and Zero Gas Fees:

Create disrupts the status quo with its unique approach to digital asset trading. By embracing universal interoperability, the platform facilitates cross-chain compatibility without the typical hindrances. Furthermore, users bid farewell to gas fees as Create operates on a zero-gas model, ensuring a cost-efficient and frictionless experience.

This pioneering marketplace boasts several unique features that set it apart:

- NFT Camera: Streamlining the minting process, artists can capture and mint NFTs directly from the Create platform using the integrated NFT Camera.

- Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging: Enabling secure and direct communication between wallets, fostering a community-driven experience beyond mere transactions.

- E-commerce Integration: Tokenizing real-life items for sale as NFTs on the platform, expanding the tradeable assets to physical items within the digital realm.

- Social Media Features: Creating a fun and interactive marketplace experience similar to other popular apps, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

- Single Sign-On: Offering a user-friendly, familiar login experience with a username and password that seamlessly integrates users' data across apps, games, and wallets built on the Wire Network.

- Humanitarian Aid Initiatives: A portion of the marketplace fees will go towards supporting Mission Guatemala to aid humanitarian causes. (HTTPS://

- Support for Mandox Ecosystem: Another portion of the marketplace fees will contribute to the Mandox Ecosystem, and Create will utilize the Mandox Token as a form of payment.

Artists, collectors, and investors are invited to embrace this new standard in the NFT world. Create promises a user-friendly, cost-effective, and inclusive platform that redefines digital ownership. It envisions a world where the limitations of blockchain no longer confine the NFT journey. Anticipation mounts for the grand launch of Create, where the platform's innovative features are set to revolutionize the way individuals perceive and engage with digital assets. The possibilities for NFTs are projected to expand exponentially, paving the way for a future where the digital and physical realms intersect seamlessly.

Create NFT Marketplace is more than a platform, it’s emphasis on universal interoperability, zero gas fees, e-commerce integration, social media features, Single Sign-On, humanitarian aid initiatives, support for the Mandox Ecosystem, and the tokenization of real-life items heralds a new era in digital ownership. Create is powered by Wire Network, a layer one blockchain, making it a robust and innovative force in the NFT landscape.

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