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SeedBlink introduces new tools to enhance equity management for European businesses and investors

BUCHAREST, Romania, Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SeedBlink, Europe's tech-focused venture investment and equity management platform, introduces a series of product enhancements as part of Fall Release. These updates are designed to simplify and enhance the equity understanding and access processes for European companies and their stakeholders. The new tools are for founders but also for investors.

"SeedBlink is determined to transform Europe's approach to equity ownership, bridging the gap between financial and intelligent capital. Unlike the thriving equity culture in the United States, Europe faces unique challenges. Our ongoing innovations are dedicated to revolutionizing equity access, management, and trading,” stated Andrei Dudoiu, Co-founder and Managing Partner of SeedBlink.

NimityLink, SeedBlink's flagship Ambassadors program, is redefining traditional cap tables by seamlessly integrating numerous European stakeholders into a united community. This brand-new referral initiative is positioned to be a pilot for building an esteemed European network, grounded in traceable connections from paper to empowered communities.

As NimityLink ambassadors, participants will receive SeedBlink shares, actively contribute to the product's evolution as an extended team, enjoy complimentary membership in the SeedBlink Club, gain entry to the Tech Investors Academy, and secure an exclusive invitation within a community of distinguished experts.

The program is open until the end of November and invites founders, investors, and experts who can advise European startups to be part of it and bring the power of networks together.

The tools introduced by SeedBlink for empowering founders are:

Simulations – is Nimity’s new tool designed to offer entrepreneurs an easy way to preview the financial and equity implications of prospective funding rounds from dilution to outstanding options impact. Simulations translate complex financial dynamics into understandable, dynamic visuals, enhancing transparency in equity distribution and ownership structures.

Community Stars - was launched in September and serves as a cornerstone for early-stage startups graduating from technology and business accelerators. The initiative aims to seamlessly connect innovative founders with their communities, providing crucial support during pivotal early growth phases.

Introducing EquiBot - In its beta phase, EquiBot is Nimity’s AI-powered chatbot crafted to explain complex equity management concepts for founders and investors alike. Acting as an informational aide, EquiBot aims to educate users on equity-related intricacies, offering insights into the workings of SeedBlink and Nimity.

Enhancements for Investors

SeedBlink continues to modernize the access and trading of private equity for individuals, and has refined the payments process, ensuring an intuitive, and secure experience. Moreover, SeedBlink investors can now track their complete portfolio on Nimity, even with externally held equity or startup securities.

About SeedBlink

SeedBlink's mission is to simplify and grow equity ownership in Europe. Through its range of products, financial services, and extensive network, it offers an equity management and tech-focused venture investment platform that enables European startups and their stakeholders to access, manage, and trade equity.

SeedBlink SA is registered in the Register of the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), under number PJR28FSFPR/400001 as of November 3, 2022, with an EU passport as per the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) register of crowdfunding service providers. Contact us at email:

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