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Quinton Van der Burgh

F9 Capital Management is excited about the partnership with QGC”
— Simon Fentham-Fletcher
SINGAPORE, October 24, 2023 / -- F9 Capital Management-Energy Transition Fund (F9 ETF) has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Q Global Commodities (QGC), led by mining entrepreneurial veteran Quinton Van der Burgh.

F9 ETF, an Abu Dhabi Global Market (UAE) investment fund specialising in innovative markets, is set up with an investment mandate to acquire a 30% stake in the green metal interests controlled by QGC, an independent mining house based in South Africa. The acquisition will amount to a staggering USD1 billion.

F9 ETF is known for identifying emerging market leaders with a proactive approach to meeting market demands. The fund’s decision to invest in QGC reflects Van Der Burgh's strategic entry into the critical metals market.

“F9 Capital Management is excited about the partnership with QGC, and the unique opportunities presented by the divers critical metals portfolio which Quinton and his team has been able to amass over the last few years,” said Simon Fentham-Fletcher, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of F9 Capital Management.

“The QGC portfolio represents significant opportunities and potentially significant returns on investments over the investment cycle and we are looking forward to assisting QGC in establishing itself as one of Africa’s major miners and commodity processors supplying directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers.”

Fentham-Fletcher continued to say that QGC’s past and present commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within the mining industry, was one of the major factors when deciding to partner with QGC.

“QGC’s ESG initiatives are dedicated to sustainable mining practices that minimise environmental impact, prioritise the welfare of local communities, and ensure ethical governance,” Fentham-Fletcher explained.

Quinton has a track record of success in mining, media, and telecommunications, with over 10 operational coal mines and 19 diverse operating companies under the Q Global Holdings umbrella. His unique ability to anticipate emerging market needs and dedication to the green energy transition has positioned him as a formidable entrepreneur.

QGC, the mining and commodities division of Quinton's business realm, has acquired opportunities in the critical metals market, amassing a repository of more than thirteen sought-after critical metals valued at an estimate of USD60 billion in-situ to which all projects are at - or exploring - to become compliant on internationally recognised JORC, NI 43-101 or SAMREC reporting codes.

These metals, including Vanadium, Titanium, Lithium, Copper, Graphite, Rare Earth Elements, Uranium Zinc and Nickel, are essential for electronic storage, batteries, and green power supply.

Through the partnership with F9 ETF, QGC is positioned to accelerate the commencement of these metal projects across Sub-Saharan Africa, with operations expected to commence within the next six to 36 months.

Among QGC’s impressive projects, the Nickel ventures are poised to confirm one of the globe's most substantial Nickel reserves, meeting JORC compliance standards.

Current exploration has declared 91.6 million tons of Nickel, with 45% of the resource yet to be explored and confirmed within the QGC portfolio's four Nickel projects. Mining operations and production are scheduled to commence in late 2024.

In Tanzania, copper projects boasting an estimated reserve of over 15 million tons of high-grade copper are currently underway, accompanied by an expansive exploration and drilling programme that anticipates confirming an additional 40 million tons. The strategy is to extract this Copper through cost-effective open-cast mining, due to the low strip ratios on the project site. Mining operations on the Copper projects are scheduled to begin in the latter part of 2023.

Furthermore, QGC's operations in Mozambique are strategically centred around Iron, Titanium, and Vanadium, boasting a significant reserve of 74 million tons, along with an impressive JORC-compliant resource of 600 million tons. Given the exceptionally low strip ratios associated with this project, it is anticipated that the commencement of phase one of the mining operations will begin in mid 2024. The vision for this project is that phase two of production will include fully fledged and extensive beneficiation and green steel production facilities, phase two of production is planned to commence operations by early 2026.

Meanwhile, QGC's South African Lithium project has commenced on an initial small scale in the Northern Cape has shown potential for significant and promising volumes of Spodumene and Tantalite.

"The ongoing Lithium mining operations at the QGC South African Lithium project have demonstrated substantial Spodumene deposits, and a particularly high probability for significant volumes of Tantalite," stated Quinton.

With an additional 55 thousand hectors of land having been secured to expand the Lithium projects, QGC is currently undergoing exploration activities on the extension, with the initial results from the exploration indicating great potential and high strike rates of high grade easily accessible Spodumene.

He further added, "Moreover, the Lithium project is already yielding small quantities of Spodumene, and our vision is for the QGC Lithium project to lead the market. With the support of the F9 Fund, we plan to expand its capabilities by integrating various beneficiation and ancillary processes. This strategic move aims to establish QGC as a major supplier of both Lithium Carbonate and Tantalum, with the added capacity to process and refine third-party raw materials for marketing and sale to our key off-take partners."

In Tanzania, the Graphite projects offer easily accessible high-grade graphite with large flake sizes, significantly driving up project values.

Moreover, the Rare Earth Element project in Zambia contributes to QGC's diverse commodities portfolio. These Rare Earth Elements all play pivotal roles in various high-tech consumer products and devices.

QGC's interest in Uranium further demonstrates its commitment to greener energy, providing a substantial platform for ethical and international safety compliant mining technologies. Uranium, a crucial element in nuclear energy production, holds significant value in the market due to its volatility and demand. QGC's involvement in the Uranium project underscores their commitment to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sector within the broader QGC portfolio.

Lastly, the exclusively Vanadium project, one of QGC's first ventures, is poised to yield over 5.1 Mt of Vanadium. This is of particular significance as Vanadium remains a critical metal resource, with projected demand set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%

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