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Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Globetrotting Luminary and Conflict Resolution Trainer, Empowers Individuals and Organizations with Successful Mind Mastery

Findlay, Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Findlay, Ohio -

FINDLAY, Ohio - In a world where the harmonious orchestration of conflicts takes center stage, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, celebrated as "The Dream Weaver" and spearheading, LLC, takes a quantum leap towards nurturing peaceful coexistence and arming individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations with the art of conflict resolution. On National Conflict Resolution Day, observed on the third Thursday of October every year, Dr. Andrea casts a luminous spotlight on the indispensable role of conflict resolution skills training in businesses weaving the tapestry of unity.

Chronicle of National Conflict Resolution Day:

National Conflict Resolution Day, celebrated on October 19 this year, stands as a resplendent occasion to champion the cause of peaceful conflict resolution. The holiday underscores the pivotal significance of corporations and organizations helping their employees master the inner realms of the mind and harness the power of effective conflict resolution techniques in the various arenas of business, from sales to human resources.

Conflicts are an inescapable facet of human interactions, springing forth from the rich soil of diverse needs and interests. Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, through her center, The Subconscious Connection Institute, a subsidiary of, LLC, equips individuals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurial luminaries with the tools essential for genuine and virtuous conflict resolution.

"Employees in United States companies spend approximately 2.8 hours each week involved in conflict...This is 2-1/2 weeks of productivity each year" (CPP Inc., 2008). However, this statistic does not address the time of mental distraction, stress, and anxiety that the CEO's or employee's mind invests in worrying or thinking about the conflict while not directly working on resolving it.

Five (5) Key Merits of Successful Mind Mastery for Conflict Resolution

The Five Key Merits of Successful Mind Mastery, including Mindful Linguistic Prowess (MLP) and Hypnotic Wisdom (HW) in Conflict Resolution:

Augmented Decision Alchemy: Successful Mind Mastery, Mindful Linguistic Prowess (MLP), and Hypnotic Wisdom (HW) empower individuals to transmute their decision-making process, unraveling the intricate threads of thoughts and emotions to craft enlightened choices.

Stress Elixir: These techniques act as an elixir, alleviating the stress and anxiety that often accompany conflicts, thereby nurturing emotional well-being and crystalline mental clarity.

Elevating Leadership: Individuals and leaders ascend to greater heights of leadership, where they unlock the treasury of effective communication, conflict management, and leadership strategies, thus amplifying their capacity to guide teams and organizations.

Artistry in Communication: Mindful Linguistic Prowess (MLP) and hypnotic wisdom master the art of communication, empowering individuals to express themselves eloquently and empathically, an indispensable attribute in conflict resolution.

Ethical Conflict Alchemy: Dr. Andrea's transformative training illuminates the path of ethical and authentic conflict resolution, fostering a sanctuary of trust and enduring, benevolent relationships.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller shares her profound vision: "In the symphony of existence, conflict resolution skills are the harmonious notes that resonate peace and unity in life and business. To commemorate National Conflict Resolution Day, be equipped with the ethereal tools to compose a world where conflicts transform into serene resolutions."

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, International Keynote Speaker, Neuroscientist, CEO, LLC

About Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller:

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, MNLP, NFB, BFB, CHt, is an Award Winning International Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and CEO of The RED Carpet Connection Publicity, Publishing, and Talent Agency. She also serves as the Superintendent of The SubConscious Connection Institute for Authentic and Ethical Business and Personal Development. Known far and wide as "The Dream Maker," she can transform visionaries' dreams into realities larger than they ever dared to envision.

With a reputation as a super-connector backed by a colossal 15 Billion Dollar Rolodex, Dr. Andrea brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to the table, specializing in solving complex problems. Her extraordinary expertise has led her to speak on international stages across multiple countries, including the Bahamas, Dubai, Egypt, and France, offering her insights at esteemed organizations like Sony and Google. She boasts an impressive track record of being interviewed on over 2,500 radio shows and podcasts. She has appeared on major media outlets such as 20/20, E! News, CNN, WebMD, Prime, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, The LA Tribune, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Giuliana & Bill, and many more.

As a distinguished neuroscientist holding multiple PhDs, Dr. Andrea is certified as an NLP trainer, clinical hypnotherapy trainer, master neurolinguistic practitioner, and master clinical hypnotherapist. She also carries certifications as a biofeedback practitioner and neurofeedback practitioner. Dr. Andrea's expertise has allowed her to be invited twice as a featured speaker for the World Congress of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. Her extensive experience, authenticity, and unwavering integrity have built enduring relationships and fostered groundbreaking ideas and innovations.

Utilizing her multifaceted skillsets, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller has garnered recognition as the Leading Authority in Healthy Relationships that transcends the boardroom and beyond. This venture catalyzed her expansion into relationships with others, the media, and the intricate relationships within our minds.

In her quest to learn how to show others how to have it all with a positive mindset, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller co-founded She serves as the Executive Director of this 501(c)3 nonprofit dental and mental health organization. The organization's noble mission is to save lives through smiles, as the neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) released during smiling create a potent DOSE of HOPE (Hold On Pain Eases), rewiring the neuroplasticity of the brain, helping individuals build positive resilience in the face of any challenge.

To book Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller for a speaking gig, training, or interview, contact her at 419.722-6931, email, or at To book her for a breakthrough session, click on Additionally, sign up at to receive a complimentary gift and masterclass.

Join the grand celebration of National Conflict Resolution Day on October 19 and champion the mission to transmute conflicts into harmonious resolutions and cultivate a world where unity reigns supreme.


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