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Go VIP Worldwide Announces Partnership with Florida Money Network, LLC

UNITED STATES, October 20, 2023 / -- Go VIP Worldwide, a company founded by business titan Matt Barnes, is excited to announce their latest partnership with Florida Money Network, LLC, the newest leading innovator in the mortgage industry.

This partnership will leverage Barnes’ celebrity business contacts as well as his knowledge to help support Lombardo's latest start up, the Florida Money Network.

About Go VIP Worldwide:
The man at the helm of Go VIP Worldwide, Matthew Barnes, started the company with a $35 loan at just 10 years old, in what was once considered the country’s poorest zip code. Fifteen years later, after massively scaling the company, he found himself doing business worldwide and had moved operations to what has many-times been named the richest zip code in the USA, Fisher Island in Miami. Now, thousands of the biggest names have Barnes’ cell number programmed on speed dial. Barnes’ company, Go VIP Worldwide, is known for moving the heaviest hitters in sports, media, and business, better, faster and more efficiently than anyone else, giving his clients a leg up on their competition.

Barnes said, “Go VIP Worldwide’s clients include stars in the MLB, NBA, NHL, Olympians, Kevin Hart, Lil Baby, The Nelk Boys, 2 Chainz, General Electric, Delta Airlines, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank, ESPN, ABC News, Goldman Sachs…, just a few of the hundreds of huge names we deal with. We have royalty from another country as our client as well."

Over the last few weeks, Barnes started quietly inking partnership agreements with businesspeople that are not yet doing business worldwide. As they join the worldwide movement, which he describes as the movement to be worldwide and to have a worldwide mindset. Barnes is setting out to push the businesses to the next level, taking their enterprise statewide, nationwide, and in some cases worldwide. Barnes plans to help his partners grow their businesses worldwide by granting them exclusive access to not only his years of experience but also his elite client network. Many businesses are signing on. Barnes expects to announce many partnerships soon and expects the companies he partners with to perform at levels “unfathomable” by those on the outside.

About Florida Money Network, LLC:
Florida Money Network is a boutique consulting firm focused on connecting high net worth individuals with eager investors and private lenders for the state of Florida. Robert has spent the better part of 10 years working with some of the nation’s top lenders and investors and this new partnership with GO VIP Worldwide will allow a two-fold value addition to the business model.

Florida Money Network will now be able to source new and eager investors from Go VIP Worldwide’s extensive international network as opportunities for the great state of Florida. In addition, Florida Money Network will now be able to look into expansion out of state and even across the world in the near future.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity,” said Robert during a recent interview. “Not only for the company but for all of our customers and partners across the state and around the country. With the Fed tightening up on rates, many lenders have simply priced people out of the market or choked up on requirements so much that investors simply don’t know where to go anymore. This new partnership is going to open up many doors for so many people. Florida Money Network LLC will be THE PLACE to go for anyone looking for the best avenue to navigate the many facets of the Florida Real Estate market whether it be funding, or other services related to real estate.”

Eventually Robert sees this expanding even further. Not only will he look to add services across the many states in the US but looking abroad, he will truly be able to bring white glove service to Go VIP Worldwide’s network of clients, customers, and employees across the globe.

Robert added, “Partnering with Florida Money Network will allow Matt to source some of the best mortgage and real estate professionals in the industry accessible at a phone call’s notice at any time. This eliminates the headache and the wasted time of shopping around with less influential and less-connected individuals. I have always been driven to provide first class service to my clients and this new partnership syncs perfectly with Matt’s model for that very reason.”

Barnes sees thousands of entrepreneurs joining this new movement to take their businesses worldwide too. He says that they owe it to themselves and their families to push beyond the borders of their own comfort zone and take their businesses to the world stage so they can truly be considered the best in their field. There is so much to be gained from helping entrepreneurs, to support them and to help them achieve great things and that’s why Go VIP Worldwide committed to partnering with Robert Lombardo of Florida Money Network to take the firm to new places.

Barnes said, “Florida is a great place to live, work and raise your family. Go VIP Worldwide is excited to announce this partnership with the Florida Money Network, LLC and anticipates that many of Go VIP Worldwide’s largest clients will work closely with the Florida Money Network, LLC as they continue to help people source the best capital opportunities for all of their real estate and business needs.

Go VIP Worldwide and their entrepreneur partners are making noise and creating a powerhouse like never seen before.

Hunter Mattes
Go VIP Worldwide
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