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Mark Femino Drops Bluesy Rock Bombshell with New Single "Said and Done"

The maestro of musical reinvention is about to unleash his latest single, "Said and Done,"

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2023 / -- Mark Femino, the musical maestro whose career has been a fascinating tapestry of sound and experimentation, has released his latest single, "Said and Done".

With three decades of genre-bending music under his belt, Femino's "Said and Done" emerges as a raw bluesy rock exploration that goes straight to the core of the soul. ""Said and Done" is meant to be a reflection of one's experience, a gritty contemplation on life's purpose, and the enduring impact we make on the world," said Femino as he released this track on his fiftieth birthday.

From the glory days of Blind Man’s Sun to a solo career drawing comparisons to a fusion of Paul Simon and Sting, Femino's musical journey has been nothing short of an odyssey. "Said and Done" represents the latest chapter in a saga that includes a ukulele experiment, a funky pandemic-induced dance album ("Femi La Bouche"), and a hard rock escapade with "Ferilus."

As we step into 2023, Femino's sonic escapades show no signs of slowing down. The forthcoming single, "Said and Done," is poised to captivate hearts and minds alike. It resonates with the ghosts of garage rock rebellion and carries the wisdom of a seasoned troubadour. In the realm of Femino's music, it's not merely heard—it's felt. "Said and Done" emerges as an anthem for those who yearn for substance in a world saturated with superficial beats.

The anticipation for the next chapter in the evolution of Mark Femino's musical legacy is finally over. A wave of news is on the horizon, promising a musical experience that transcends the ordinary.

About Mark Femino: Mark is a musician’s musician and teaches music to grades 1-12. You can find Mark on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and SoundCloud when he isn’t playing locally. Femino has been a regular at The Barking Crab, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Harborside Lounge, Sterling Street Brewery, and Bamboo Westford and all of this while still releasing music. When he isn’t making music, you will find him spending time with his daughter or his pets.

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