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76% of Expats in Portugal Can Get Fibre Internet While 24% Rely on Mobile internet, says

76% of expats in Portugal can get fiber broadband at their property but 24% rely on mobile internet, which is typically much slower.

While internet coverage in Portugal is fantastic, one shouldn't assume fiber internet availability.”
— James Cave
LISBON, PORTUGAL, October 18, 2023 / -- Portugal continues to establish itself as a leading destination for expats, especially those in need of high-speed internet access. A study conducted by reveals that 76% of expats who used their website’s internet options checker can secure fiber-optic internet at their properties. However, a significant 24% can only access mobile or satellite internet.

The study analyzed 100 recent inquiries from Portugalist readers, each checking the internet options available at specific properties. These inquiries came from all over Portugal, with a notable concentration from the Algarve and Coimbra regions—two of the most popular hotspots for expats in Portugal. Intriguingly, despite the widespread availability of fiber internet in these areas, many properties restricted to mobile internet were located in these very regions.

Commenting on the study, founder James Cave said, “While internet coverage in Portugal is fantastic, one shouldn't assume fiber internet availability. It's not uncommon for fiber internet to be accessible in a town or city, yet just two kilometers away, residents might be limited to mobile connections. That's precisely why we always advise individuals to utilize our internet options checker before renting or buying a property.”

For those with access to fiber internet, typical package speeds range between 200 mbps and 1 gbps. In specific locales, including Lisbon and Porto, clients can get up to 10 gbps.

Satellite internet speeds can fluctuate, largely contingent on one's proximity to the nearest tower. Although speeds are typically under 15 mbps, this can suffice for everyday internet tasks, including streaming on platforms like Netflix or YouTube. Nonetheless, these speeds are around seven to ten times slower than potential fiber internet speeds.

James Cave
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James Cave
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