HumanWisdom is changing to HappierMe - a self-awareness app to prevent mental health and relationship problems

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Manage your own mental health

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The online journal in the HappierMe app

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Happy relationships are the key to a happy life

Empowering people to be emotionally intelligent, to prevent and more easily overcome problems

If you learn just one skill, self-awareness, you can prevent and more easily overcome mental health and relationships problems. The HappierMe app makes that easy for everyone.”
— Dr Manoj Krishna

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 4, 2023 / -- HumanWisdom today announced that its flagship self-awareness app is going to change to HappierMe. It helps people prevent mental health problems before they arise, avoid addiction, have happier relationships, live with joy and avoid suffering. Self-awareness can also boost emotional intelligence, communication skills, resilience and empathy, which can help people succeed at work.

At present 1 in 5 adults have a mental problem, 1 in 6 a substance abuse problem, 12.5% suffer from anxiety (CDC), and 72% suffer from stress ( 49% of married couples are seeking professional help (Forbes). 57% of girls in the US are persistently sad (CDC).

All these problems begin in our thinking, so self-awareness could help prevent them, and more easily deal with them.

Adam Beagley, a college student said 'This app has helped me become emotionally intelligent. I used to be shy, passive and fearful. The app has transformed my way of thinking and relieved me of my anxiety. Whatever you struggle with, there are modules to help.'

The HappierMe self-awareness app has:
- More than 75 modules covering every aspect of life
- Empowers people to use self-awareness to prevent and solve problems more easily
- Has an online journal to help users understand and question their own thinking
- Provides step by step guidance through its awareness exercises
- Access to podcasts, live events and a discussion forum
- The edition for teenagers will be launching soon.

Short videos explaining how HappierMe can help:
Prevent stress (Video 1 min)
Prevent anxiety (Video 1 min)
Be happier (Video 1 min)

The HappierMe app is available for download now and can also be found at

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The new HappierMe app - a message from the founder.