Launches Transformative Platform that Showcases Black Events Organized for Black People

A transformative platform dedicated to empowering and amplifying Black voices across the nation; proudly announces its official launch.

Black people are still on the very bottom of every list that matters from education to home ownership, from business ownership to life expectancy. The only list Black people are #1 on is incarceration”
— Sharifah Hardie
LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2023 / -- In a world where Black voices have often been underrepresented, is a beacon of change. This unique platform showcases a plethora of Black events from across the country. It provides a vibrant stage for individuals to not only list their events, but to list themselves as speakers. By doing so, speakers gain unprecedented opportunities for exposure, while event organizers unlock the potential to diversify and enrich their gatherings.

Founded by the influential business consultant, diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, and aspiring California State Senate District 33 candidate, Sharifah Hardie, this innovative platform seeks to revolutionize the way Black speakers connect with event hosts and seize remarkable opportunities for exposure.

Unprecedented Opportunities for Exposure: offers speakers the chance to be heard on a national stage, reaching audiences they might have never reached before. It's a platform where voices that have been marginalized can now shine brightly, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant speaking circuit.

Enriching Gatherings with Diverse Perspectives: Event organizers no longer need to look far and wide for fresh perspectives and engaging speakers. makes it effortless for them to diversify their lineups, infusing their events with rich, authentic, and unique voices that resonate with a broad audience.

Ms. Hardie is unwavering in her commitment to positive change in the Black community. Her roles as Editor-In-Chief at Long Beach Black News and President of the Black Business CoOp underscore her dedication.

The platform serves as an empowering platform for Black voices to shatter historical barriers, allowing speakers to access abundant opportunities for exposure and event organizers to enrich their programs with diverse perspectives.

Whether you're a seasoned speaker or just embarking on your journey, invites you to join this vibrant community dedicated to igniting change and empowerment.

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About is a pioneering platform founded by Sharifah Hardie, dedicated to connecting Black voices with event hosts nationwide. By fostering dialogue and connection, empowers Black individuals and contributes to positive change in various fields.

About Sharifah Hardie:
Sharifah Hardie is an influential business consultant, diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, and an aspiring candidate for California State Senate District 33. With a rich background in media, politics, and entrepreneurship, she is a leading voice for change and empowerment. Sharifah hosts the Ask Sharifah Videocast & Podcast, "The Round Table Talk Show," and is the author of "Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur" and "Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing."

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