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Enchanting Melodies: Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus Announces 2023-24 Season Tickets

Image of the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus logo alongside details of the 2023-2024 Season, featuring graphics for the three concerts: 'Thanks for the Memories: A Gay Christmas Carol', 'Diva Divine: A Tribute to Gay Icons of Music', and 'Encore! Our Greatest Hi

Announcing our 2023-24 Season for the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus

Unveiling a season of harmonious melodies, the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus invites fans to join a musical journey in 2023-24

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2023 / -- Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus (PHXGMC) is thrilled to launch their 2023-24 Season, presenting a unique blend of melodies, acceptance, and unity. The season unfolds as a symphonic story, and with the exclusive season ticket subscription package, attendees are granted a front-row seat to this musical narrative.

The Power of Music

Music has the power to touch souls and bridge divides. With the upcoming season, PHXGMC offers a curated experience that aims to celebrate not only the wonder of music but also the diversity and inclusivity it can foster. From age-old classics that have stood the test of time to contemporary pieces that resonate with the modern listener, the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus promises an auditory delight that caters to all.

Your Key to a Symphony: The Season Ticket Subscription

For those who want to be more than mere attendees, the Season Ticket Subscription is a gateway to excellence. This package doesn't just offer access to concerts; it presents an immersive experience. Each performance under this ticket is a testament to the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus's dedication to superior artistic quality, a trait they're widely celebrated for.

A Pledge to Inclusivity

When one purchases a Season Ticket, they're supporting more than just music. They're endorsing the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus's deep-seated commitment to inclusivity, artistic brilliance, and community bonding. Every note sung, every melody played, symbolizes the chorus's dedication to fostering unity and acceptance.

Three Concerts, Three Unique Experiences

The season ticket package encompasses three distinct concerts:

Thanks for the Memories: A Gay Christmas Carol (Dec. 16-17): Dive deep into the transformative journey of Lance on a fateful Christmas Eve. Guided by The Celestials, this story weaves traditional and festive tunes into a heartwarming narrative.

Diva Divine: A Tribute to Gay Icons of Music (March, 9-10): An effervescent celebration of iconic gay figures in music. This performance not only pays homage but brings together the chorus and special guests to produce a magnetic showcase of queer music pride.

Encore! Our Greatest Hits (June 22-23): The crescendo of the season. An evening dedicated to the best of PHXGMC, encapsulating their journey and the very essence of musical unity.

An Invitation to Harmony

Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus believes in the universal language of music. As such, they extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone, regardless of musical inclination or background, to be a part of this harmonious voyage. There's a certain enchantment in melodies, and PHXGMC aims to share this magic with all.

Join Today

To not just hear, but to truly experience this blend of melody, acceptance, and unity, secure your Season Tickets. Become part of a larger community of music aficionados and feel the enchantment course through.

For a detailed dive into our Season Tickets and to start your unforgettable musical journey, make your way to

PHXGMC Season 33 is supported by grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Phoenix Pride, the City of Phoenix, and the City of Tempe..

Formerly known as the Phoenix Metropolitan Men's Chorus, the Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus has evolved into a dynamic "show chorus," captivating audiences with performances enriched by costuming, staging, video productions, dance, and orchestration. Their mission transcends LGBTQ+ boundaries, resonating across the broader community. The chorus has collaborated with national artists and organizations, further enhancing their reputation as a dynamic force in the performing arts scene..

PHXGMC is a member of GALA Choruses (the International Gay & Lesbian Association of Choruses) and has participated in seven GALA Festivals: Tampa, FL (1996), San Jose, CA (2000), Seattle, WA (2002), Montreal, Canada (2004), Miami, FL (2008), Denver, CO (2012), and Denver, CO (2016).

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