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ZENCON Rio 2023: A Pioneering Journey of Innovation and Collaboration


Presentations at ZENCON

During the 68-hour challenge, creativity soars. This global movement signifies the power of collaboration.

RIO DE JANEIRO, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, September 18, 2023/ -- The world of technology and finance is abuzz as ZENCON Rio 2023 ushers in a new era of innovation. Today, the doors to this groundbreaking event swung open, welcoming a diverse community that includes entrepreneurs, coders, computer programmers, and blockchain industry partners to the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro.

As the sun rises, participants from across the globe converge at the Hotel check-in and welcome event venue. This moment marks the commencement of an extraordinary journey that promises to unite minds, spark ideas, and nurture innovation throughout the event.

From September 17 to 20, 2023, participants embark on an immersive experience during the ZENCON 68-hour challenge. This marathon of creativity, problem-solving, and boundary-pushing provides fertile ground for teams and individuals to collaborate, ideate, and code tirelessly. Their mission? To craft solutions that can redefine the realms of technology and finance.

As the sun sets on ZENCON Rio 2023, the echoes of collaboration, innovation, and achievement linger. On September 21, participants bid a fond farewell to this unforgettable experience during Hotel check-out. They carry cherished memories, invaluable insights, and meaningful connections that will continue to shape their journeys.

The impact of ZENCON Rio 2023 extends far beyond its participants. It signifies a broader global movement that recognizes the potential of collaboration, creativity, and technology in forging a path toward a brighter and more innovative future for all.

About ZENCON: Introduced in 2022, ZENCON is an annual hackathon where participants come together in a fun and entertaining environment to strengthen their collaboration, forge new technological innovations, and produce creative ideas and solutions. More information about ZENCON can be found by visiting

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