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Disposable and Reusable Mask Market Size & Share to Surpass $2100 Million by 2030 | Vantage Market Research

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As per Vantage Market Research, the Global Disposable & Reusable Mask Market has been steadily growing over the years due to multiple factors, including rising pollution levels, increased personal hygiene awareness, and the spreading of infectious diseases.   

According to Vantage Market Research, the global Disposable & Reusable Mask Market is estimated to be valued at USD 2100 Million by 2030 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 7.5% from 2023 to 2030. The global Disposable & Reusable Mask Market will grow to USD 1200 Million in 2022.

The market for masks that protect people from airborne particles, contaminants, or diseases is called the disposable and reusable mask market. Disposable masks are made of non-woven fabric materials intended to be used only once. Reusable masks, on the other hand, are typically made of fabric and can be washed and used repeatedly.

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Key Highlights

  • By Application, the Medical application segment led the market and accounted for a 38.2% share of the global revenue in 2022.
  • By Type, Disposable masks account for over 45% of the global disposable and reusable mask market.
  • The Asia Pacific region was the largest region for Disposable & Reusable Mask market in 2022, accounting for 35% of the revenue share.
  • North America and European regions are expected to expand at the fastest CAGR between 2023 and 2030.

Applications for disposable and reusable masks are widespread in many industries. These masks are essential in the healthcare sector to stop the spread of infectious diseases and protect healthcare workers. They are also used in cleanroom settings, laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the ongoing pandemic, these masks have become very well-liked among the general public for everyday use. Additionally, disposable and reusable masks are used in manufacturing, chemical, and construction to protect workers from noxious particles, fumes, and pollutants.

Top Companies in The Global Disposable and Reusable Mask Market

  • DACH Medical Group Holding AG (Switzerland)
  • Honeywell International Inc. (U.S.)
  • Kimberly- Clark Corporation (U.S.)
  • KOWA Company Ltd. (Japan)
  • Moldex-Metric (U.S.)
  • SAS Safety Corp. (U.S.)
  • Shanghai Dasheng (China)
  • Sinotextiles Corporation Limited (China)
  • Te Yin Company (China)
  • The 3M Company (U.S.)
  • The Gerson Company (U.S.)
  • Uvex Group (Germany)

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Factors Affecting the Growth of the Disposable & Reusable Mask Market

Several factors can affect the growth of the Disposable & Reusable Mask industry. Some of these factors include:

  • Increasing awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and respiratory protection: The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness about the need for personal protective equipment, including disposable and reusable masks, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This awareness has led to an increase in the demand for masks, thereby driving the market growth.
  • Government regulations and recommendations: Governments across the world have implemented regulations and recommendations requiring people to wear masks in various public settings. For instance, many countries have made it mandatory to wear masks in public transport, healthcare facilities, and crowded places. Such regulations and recommendations have significantly increased the demand for disposable and reusable masks.
  • Technological advancements: Technology advancements have resulted in the creation of masks that are more effective and comfortable. These advancements include the use of advanced filtration materials, improved designs, and features such as adjustable straps and breathing valves. Technological innovations have further stimulated market growth.
  • Rising pollution levels: Increasing pollution levels, particularly in urban areas, have contributed to the growing use of masks. Disposable and reusable masks help protect individuals from harmful airborne pollutants, including dust, smog, and allergens. As pollution levels continue to rise, the demand for masks is expected to increase, fueling the market growth.
  • Growth of the healthcare sector: Consumption of disposable and reusable masks is significantly influenced by the healthcare industry. Mask demand has increased due to the industry's expansion, which has been fueled by aspects like an aging population, a rise in the number of chronic diseases, and improvements in medical care. The COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly increased the demand for masks in healthcare settings, further driving market growth.

Top Trends in the Global Disposable & Reusable Mask Market

Several trends are happening in the disposable and reusable mask market. First, an increasing focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable options drives up demand for reusable masks. Due to the demand for improved defense against airborne particles, innovations like antimicrobial technology and sophisticated filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular. Additionally, individualized preferences and styles are being catered to by significant trends in fashion-forward designs and customization options. The adoption of e-commerce platforms and the growth of online sales channels further influence market dynamics.

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Recent Development of the Global Disposable & Reusable Mask Market

  • On December 13, 2022, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention division, first approved N95 masks from Optrel with a clear window in front of the mouth. Although there are other face masks with clear windows, this one stands out because it is an N95.
  • On June 23, 2022, an expansion of the company's current share repurchase program worth US$ 2.0 million was approved by the board of directors of Alpha Pro Tech Ltd., a leading manufacturer of products made to protect people, things, and the environment These products include disposable protective apparel and building products.

Market Drivers
The increasing awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and safety after the COVID-19 pandemic is a major driver for the Disposable & Reusable Mask Market. Governments worldwide are promoting the use of masks in public areas to stop the spread of the virus, which has caused a sharp increase in the demand for masks. For instance, a sudden increase in market growth was caused by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States recommending the use of masks in crowded areas.

Market Restraints
A significant market restraint for the Disposable & Reusable Mask Market is the environmental impact caused by the disposal of single-use masks. As the usage of disposable masks increases, there is a substantial increase in plastic waste, which poses a threat to the environment. For instance, masks have been found in oceans and beaches, endangering marine life. This has led to growing concerns regarding sustainability, leading to a preference for reusable masks to reduce the environmental footprint.

Market Opportunities
The rapid growth of the e-commerce industry presents significant opportunities for the Disposable & Reusable Mask Market. With the convenience offered by online platforms, consumers can easily access a wide range of masks with various designs and features. Additionally, e-commerce platforms have the potential to reach a larger customer base globally, further driving market growth. For instance, popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba have witnessed a surge in demand for masks and have expanded their offerings to cater to this growing market segment.

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Report Segmentation of the Global Disposable & Reusable Mask Market

Type Analysis
Disposable masks are the category that dominates in the type segment among the market's reusable and disposable masks. There are a number of causes for this. First off, since they can be quickly discarded after use without the need for cleaning or sanitization, disposable masks are practical and hassle-free. Second, because they are designed for single use, they offer a higher level of hygiene and lower the possibility of contamination. Additionally, because they are relatively more affordable, disposable masks appeal to a wider range of consumers. Even though disposable masks are more affordable and convenient than reusable ones, they continue to dominate the market despite the fact that reusable masks are better for the environment.

Application Analysis
The medical category dominates the market for disposable and reusable masks. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly increased demand for masks recently across all categories, as the healthcare industry needs a steady supply of masks for various procedures and practices. Due to their single-use nature, disposable masks are especially important in medical settings where they ensure hygiene and stop the spread of infectious diseases. Additionally, the medical sector dominates the disposable and reusable masks market because it demands masks that adhere to strict industry standards and regulations.

Distribution Channel Analysis
Online retailers primarily dominate the distribution channel segment of the Disposable & Reusable Mask Market. This category has witnessed significant growth due to its ease of access, convenience, and wide range of options available to consumers. Online platforms provide a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to browse, compare, and purchase masks from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, online retailers often offer competitive pricing and attractive discounts, attracting consumers to choose this channel for their mask purchases. Offline retailers, pharmacies, and supermarkets/hypermarkets also play a crucial role in the distribution channel, particularly for customers who prefer physical shopping or have immediate mask requirements. These channels offer the advantage of immediate availability of masks and personalized assistance from sales personnel. While other distribution channels exist, online retailers continue to lead the market due to their convenience and extensive product offerings.

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Market Segmentation

By Type

  • Disposable Masks
    • Surgical Masks
    • N95 Respirators
    • KN95 Masks
    • Other Disposable Masks
  • Reusable Masks
    • Cloth Masks
    • N95 Respirators with replaceable filters
    • PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) Masks
    • Other Reusable Masks

By Application

  • Personal
  • Industrial
  • Medical

By Distribution Channel

  • Online Retailers
  • Offline Retailers
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

Scope of the Report:    

Report Attributes Details
Market Size in 2022 USD 1200 Million
Revenue Forecast by 2030 USD 2100 Million
CAGR 7.5% from 2023 to 2030
Base Year 2022
Forecast Year 2023 to 2030
Key Players DACH Medical Group Holding AG, Honeywell International Inc., Kimberly- Clark Corporation, KOWA Company Ltd., Moldex-Metric, SAS Safety Corp., Shanghai Dasheng, Sinotextiles Corporation Limited, Te Yin Company, The 3M Company, The Gerson Company, Uvex Group
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Regional Analysis

The Asia Pacific region dominates the market due to rising respiratory protection and personal hygiene awareness, as well as the presence of key market players, increasing pollution levels, and a large population base; the Asia Pacific region, in particular countries like China and India, is experiencing a significant growth rate in the market. Due to the strict safety regulations put in place by the government, disposable and reusable mask demand is also surging in Europe. A moderate growth rate is also anticipated in the Middle East and Africa region due to the expansion of respiratory protection practices in various industrial sectors.

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