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PŸUR Business Announces Cooperation with ConnectiviTree

PYUR ConnectiviTree Cooperation

PŸUR Business and ConnectiviTree Announce Cooperation

RUGGELL, LIECHTENSTEIN, September 12, 2023/ -- ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG ("ConnectiviTree") today announced they have signed a cooperation agreement. As part of this agreement, ConnectiviTree will support PŸUR Business in generating revenue through access to the ConnectiviTree pan-European network and the ConnectiviTree Global Alliance Network. This enables PŸUR to offer high-speed optical transmission services globally to its service provider partners and its large enterprise customers. In return, members of the ConnectiviTree Global Alliance benefit from receiving access to the entire PŸUR network.

PŸUR Business is shaping the digital future of society. Its innovative solutions are helping businesses to see digital transformation as an opportunity. PŸUR offers state-of-the-art fiber optic technology and intelligent solutions for the present and the future: from internet access, to networking and telephony; from datacenter and cloud solutions, to IT security. Enterprise connections run smoothly on PŸUR’s state-of-the-art broadband fiber optic network and their data will remain highly available at all times in their certified data centers.

“We are looking forward to cooperate with ConnectiviTree to help build its unique business approach and are excited to join its innovative Global Alliance partner network. Their pan-European product offering and network will expand our premium services to our customers, including routes, options and features not currently available,” said Mario Zöller, CTO of PŸUR Business.

“We are excited to have PŸUR Business joining our ConnectiviTree Global Alliance, because of what PŸUR represents within the German market for the ConnectiviTree Global Alliance, as well as the increased reach and functionality we can bring to PŸUR customers. This fits very well into our network expansion and further leverages our pan-European core network build in support of our European customer sales channel base”, said ConnectiviTree Co-Founder & CCO, Eugen Gebhard.

At HLkomm Telekommunikations GmbH, we offer high-performance telecommunications solutions for internet access, telephony and networking as well as innovative cloud solutions using our own fiber optics network architecture under the PŸUR Business brand. We support business customers with tailored business solutions and Infrastructure-as-a-Service products for all corporate digitization processes. Corporate solutions and concepts for cybersecurity, digital signage and media services round off the extensive PŸUR Business portfolio. By constructing and operating modern fiber optics lines with a capacity of up to 100 Gbit/s, we are making a significant contribution to the expansion of broadband. -

About ConnectiviTree
ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG is an independent and neutral data transport network provider that has designed and is currently building a layer 1 and 2 fiber-based data transfer network solution for large Enterprise customers. The ConnectiviTree network design and specifications will support fast and secure data transport with capacities of up to 200 terabits between major cities, starting in Western Europe and is designed to be sold as NaaS, CaaS and SaaS (Network, Capacity and Spectrum as a Service) through channel partners: Telecoms (Data Carrier), System Integrators and Data Center Operators. The ConnectiviTree proprietary network design, business model, and planned white label functionality, easy order and rapid provisioning creates a scalable and low-cost business opportunity for our channel partners to address the rapidly growing market for global transport of data for large Enterprise. To help capture demonstrated demand, ConnectiviTree plans to connect over 250 Points of Presence within Europe and beyond. -

Eugen Gebhard
ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG