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Inspiring Trainer and Life Coach Andrea Hodge to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2023/ -- Andrea Hodge is an accomplished woman who has succeeded in different phases of her life, beginning with a military service career. She loves to motivate and empower others, whether as a team leader, trainer, speaker, or her favorite passion today -- as a life coach.

Andrea’s email address and website incorporate whew--a sound of exclamation expressed in amazement and relief; a sound made when something happens, or nearly happens, and you make it through. This is a fitting philosophy for many of the women Andrea coaches, who balance family, career, and all their life priorities without falling apart. They might, however, be a little less than happy or fulfilled and need a partner who can give them a boost to reach their personal or professional peak. Andrea is that partner who helps them heal from pain and struggles and emerge, saying whew!

After her time in the military and as a consultant to government teams, Andrea earned a Master’s degree in Social Work. She also studied the principles of John C. Maxwell and is one of his Certified Team Members. She uses all of these insights in her coaching relationships, plus more. Her toolbox also includes the HEART Philosophy (Acronym for guided self-disclosure) talk therapy, future-self dialog, leadership training, and relaxation.

Andrea offers a free consultation to ensure compatibility between coach and coachee. She also recommends that new coaching clients read a book entitled Taming Your Gremlin, by Rick Carson, whose subtitle is about getting out of your way and offers a simple method for gaining freedom from self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

Andrea says, “Mostly, I coach women. However, I have quite a few male clients. Particularly, when I facilitate my personal development and leadership Mastermind Groups with Mr. Maxwell’s books. Also, I love working with young people. I started a teen talk group during the Pandemic when kids missed social experiences. I am so glad I could help them; they are our future! Today’s young people need someone who can listen to them since parents are often unaware of the issues.”

Andrea hopes to reach as many people as possible with her radio show. That includes men and women of all age groups, so they can learn and move forward. She believes that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. They just need to discover their autonomy and personal power and stop looking for validation from others—or from counting up the “likes” on social media.

Andrea also reminds those she talks with that things will be OK; all things work for the good, and some may already be at that place called OK. What matters is that we stay in the game and don’t give up. Whenever we fall, we go through it so we can grow through it, suit up, start over, and say Whew!”

“Life is not a competition. I enjoy helping people go inside of themselves and finding their answers.” Want to hear more of Andrea’s wisdom? Listen to her upcoming show or visit her website.

Close Up Radio Will Feature Andrea Hodge in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday, Sept. 12th at 12pm EDT

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