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SpeedX and Beans Collaborate to Revolutionize Last-Mile Delivery Amidst Low-Cost Package Disruption

SpeedX and Partnership

The collaboration is centered around addressing intricate challenges faced by shippers in domestic and cross-border contexts.

Seamless electronic data transfer, order tracking, and proof of delivery are now essential. Our goal is to elevate last-mile with pinpoint location accuracy, AI-powered workflows.”
— Akash Agarwal
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 4, 2023/ -- SpeedX, a trailblazing last-mile delivery company, has partnered with, a leading technology firm specializing in AI-powered routing and dispatch solutions with advanced geospatial data capabilities. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone, uniting cutting-edge technology and unparalleled operational expertise to tackle complex challenges in last-mile delivery.

"Lower-cost cross-border e-commerce packages are reshaping US consumer trends,” says Mike Cheng, COO at “Increasingly, users are turning to newer apps for day-to-day needs, testing our last-mile efficiency as never before. Every failed or returned package now holds greater significance. To profit from narrow margins, we've developed a world-class tech and operations stack to power every delivery step.”

"We've observed these deliveries skew towards dorms and apartments by up to 12%, surpassing other e-commerce deliveries on average," noted Akash Agarwal, co-founder at "Seamless electronic data transfer, order tracking, and proof of delivery are now essential. Our goal is to elevate this process with pinpoint location accuracy, AI-powered visual proof, and live order tracking. Lower-cost packages will inevitably lead to multiple packages sent to a single address, mirroring Amazon's model - which will further drive profit for carriers leveraging end-to-end package tracking technology."

SpeedX and Beans aim to transform last-mile delivery by focusing on three key areas:

• Proof of Delivery (POD) Enhancement: Almost 10% of POD images are not usable. AI-powered fingerprinting helps carriers verify accurate delivery and match numbers in photos with addresses, while also confirming front door delivery. This partnership seeks to establish new standards of reliability and transparency, ensuring precise deliveries.
• Precision Mapping for Address Accuracy: Delivery success hinges on precise address data. Leveraging Beans' precise front door location data, SpeedX has reduced failure rates by over 25% across the network and decreased delivery times by nearly 25 minutes per truck per day.
• Optimized Route Planning for Sustainable Operations: Collaboration between SpeedX and Beans centers around refining route planning to boost efficiency and cut operational costs. With lower-cost packages averaging 1.3 packages per stop - an 8% increase that continues to rise - Beans’ proprietary route planning has reduced SpeedX's mileage by over 18%.

Through their combined technological and operational expertise, the two companies are poised to revolutionize the last-mile industry, ushering in an era of efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. SpeedX and Beans remain dedicated to driving innovation and advancing the last-mile delivery sector as this partnership gathers momentum.

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About SpeedX

SpeedX is a technology first last-mile delivery company committed to redefining logistics through innovative solutions. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, SpeedX is revolutionizing the delivery experience for both cross-border and domestic shippers.

About Beans

Beans is a pioneering technology firm specializing in AI-powered routing and dispatch solutions enriched by advanced geospatial data analytics. By harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence, Beans empowers companies to overcome complex delivery challenges and optimize end to end last-mile operations.

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