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Blueberries Medical Corp. Partners with Laboratorios Nutripharma SAS to Transform Nutraceuticals and Phytomedicine

Blueberries Medical Corp. unveils transformative alliance with Nutripharma SAS, propelling innovation, and opening new markets and revenue streams

Blueberries Medical Corp. (OTCMKTS:BBRRF)

As a significant shareholder in both entities, Terraflos views this partnership as a pivotal stride toward the seamless integration of our value chain.”
— Facundo Garretón, CEO Terraflos Inc. & Blueberries Med Corp.

BOGOTá D.C., COLOMBIA, August 30, 2023/ -- Blueberries Medical Corp. (“Blueberries”), an innovative healthcare solutions pioneer, is excited to unveil a transformative step forward in its pursuit of advancing product development and natural product potential.

Terraflos Inc, a biotechnology conglomerate encompassing the entire production chain, and the largest individual shareholder of Blueberries, has acquired significant participation of Laboratorios Nutripharma S.A.S. (“Nutripharma”), a cutting-edge Colombian food, dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals company, effective on August 10, 2023.

Today Blueberries announces a strategic alliance with Nutripharma, effective August 23, 2023.

Under the leadership of Facundo Garretón, CEO of Terraflos Inc. and Interim CEO of Blueberries, this alliance assumes paramount significance: "As a significant shareholder in both entities, Terraflos views this partnership as a pivotal stride towards the seamless integration of our value chain."

With more than 20 years of presence in the Colombian market, Nutripharma is actively producing foods and dietary supplements for local markets and other selected markets across Latin America. The focus on the highest quality standards, innovation strengths, and pharmaceutical standard design of the productive infrastructure positions Nutripharma as a key ally in developing Blueberries´ strategic platform.

This strategic alignment amalgamates the distinct strengths of Blueberries and Nutripharma, propelling the creation of an innovation powerhouse poised to revolutionize the landscape of nutraceuticals and phytotherapeutics.

Key Highlights of the Alliance:

Expanding Frontiers: The alliance of Blueberries and Nutripharma not only boosts their market presence but also diversifies their product range. This collaborative synergy empowers a multifaceted approach to solving intricate challenges, expediting pioneering breakthroughs. Furthermore, this collaboration facilitates the production of a diverse spectrum of pharmaceutical dosage forms, from tablets to soft gel capsules, ensuring the efficacy of novel developments.

Global Impact: With a combined force, Blueberries and Nutripharma are poised to extend their influence across key markets. Their collective aspiration is to attain quality certifications, with ANVISA GMP as their primary objective, underpinning their commitment to exceptional standards.

Fusion of Expertise: This alliance represents an exceptional convergence of brilliant minds and trailblazing thought leaders from both laboratories. A harmonization of diverse expertise ignites the spark of collaborative innovation, giving rise to revolutionary solutions.

Gustavo Gutiérrez, Country Manager for Blueberries' Colombia operations, affirms, “Our combined strength promises an era of groundbreaking innovation and opens new vistas in terms of geography. Undoubtedly, this partnership will propel us to unprecedented heights, generating value for our stakeholders and reshaping the future of our industry.”

Gustavo Gutiérrez
Blueberries Medical Corp
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