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Cutting-Edge AI Startup Coeus Institute Unveils GERA, its Revolutionary Platform for Strategic Data Analysis

AI-Leveraged Pattern Discovery.

Coeus Institute's groundbreaking innovations promise to redefine strategic planning.

We see insights-derived-from-data as needles hidden within massive haystacks. Where everyone else is building complex systems to break down the haystacks, we develop magnets.”
— Michai M. Morin
NYC, NY, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2023/ -- Artificial intelligence startup "Coeus Institute" unveils its flagship product GERA this morning, an AI-powered analytics platform that discovers hidden correlations between world events and various data-over-time to reveal unprecedented strategic insights.

Founded by the AI & automation expert Michai Mathieu Morin and veteran deep-tech account executive Henry Trujillo, Coeus leverages proprietary natural language processing techniques, machine learning, and advanced statistical modeling methods to simplify complex data exploration. GERA provides the missing link between an organization's challenges and the predictive value hidden within their collected data.

"Most companies today face data overload but struggle to locate actionable intelligence to properly drive strategy," said Coeus CEO Michai Morin. “We see insights-derived-from-data as needles hidden within massive haystacks. Where everyone else is building complex systems to break down the haystacks, we develop magnets.”

GERA processes and generates complex understandings of thousands of news articles in real-time and assigns weighted ratings to events based on dozens of important metrics like nation's involved, geopolitical relevance, socioeconomic impact, affected populations, and more. By overlaying various datasets onto GERA's dashboard, decision makers can visualize how world events correlate with their operations, workflows, forecasts, finances, and business goals. In simple terms, GERA helps organizations make sense of the vast amount of data they collect by providing a user-friendly, LLM integrated, platform for discovering patterns and trends between global events and their own data. It simplifies the process of finding meaningful insights that can drive predictive power, risk management, and data-driven decision making.

GERA serves a broad range of industries including finance, insurance, manufacturing, defense, and more. Use cases span investment opportunity identification, supply chain risk assessment, competitive benchmarking, and security threat monitoring to name a few.

Led by technology visionary Dr. Fahim Sufi, Coeus Institute also announced the development of two additional revolutionary solutions that further demonstrate their technical capabilities and commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and pattern discovery.

CINE (Corporate Insight & Navigation Engine) leverages cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning to aggregate and visually represent comprehensive data from the dynamic corporate landscape. VERA harnesses advanced AI to meticulously analyze videos for any signs of manipulation or artificial alterations. This powerful tool helps validate the authenticity of video content and ensures integrity as digital misinformation continues to rise globally.

"Our suite of AI-powered solutions aim to simplify complex data analysis across a range of critical needs from risk management to combating misinformation," said Dr. Fahim Sufi, Coeus CTO. "We are committed to developing innovative products that push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence."


Organizations can no longer afford to miss the connections hiding in their data. Coeus Institute is pioneering innovations that will redefine what's possible in pattern discovery and data analytics. Through their revolutionary platforms, leaders can uncover correlations whose value is difficult to quantify. These pivotal insights enable confident strategic planning, predictive intelligence, quantified risk management, and data-driven growth. As complexity and market volatility increase globally, Coeus Institute's mission to simplify data analysis and reveal critical intelligence will only grow more crucial. Readers interested in leveraging AI, adapting to market shifts, gaining competitive advantage, and accelerating performance should follow Coeus Institute's groundbreaking trajectory. Their advancements in data analytics promise to empower organizations with the focused intelligence needed to excel in the modern world. Don't get left behind – keep an eye on the future Coeus Institute is building.

Michai Mathieu Morin
Coeus Institute

What is GERA?