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Strategic Partnership Between Comprehensive Consultancy Firm and Capital Markets Expert Aim to Accelerate Global Transactions

Shaping the Future of Global Finance: Usul Ventures Limited's Landmark Partnership with Stefan Spath

Does the Global Finance Ecosystem Depend on Collaborative Partnerships?

ISTANBUL, Türkiye, Aug. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the fund transfers has emerged as a vital thread that weaves together economies, industries, and aspirations in international finance. According to the Market Research report, the global money transfer services market was worth nearly $26.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach around $110.8 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 15.8% over the period. While the global economy thrives on the movement of capital across borders, investments, and mergers the significance of seamless fund transfers became more pronounced for businesses aiming to grow. And a recently-made partnership between Usul Ventures Limited - a beacon of expertise in managing company mergers, IPO processes, and cross-listing activities based in Europe - and Stefan Spath, a luminary in US capital markets, has emphasized the importance of embarking strategic collaborations in the financial growth.

Kaan Özçelik, Attorney at Usul Ventures, claimed that as interconnectivity gains momentum throughout the globe, redefining transformative collaborations as such could be the only way for enterprises to broaden their horizons and investors scout for promising ventures. And he highlighted that amid the dynamic backdrop of global capital markets, this strong and stabilized engagement between two best-in-breed structures had a chance to be one of the best examples for others in the sector.

“The Importance of Fund Transferring Across Borders is Higher Than Ever”

The emergence between Usul Ventures Limited and Stefan Spath has raised questions about having well-thought coalitions in order to sustain fund transferring efficiently and securely in a volatile financial ecosystem. Attorney Özçelik answered these questions explaining the purpose and the potential of this collaboration.

“Current outlook of the financial ecosystem shows that the towering amount of fund transfers across international borders cannot be overlooked. Therefore the ability to manage these transactions swiftly and securely are the found wheels of global commerce, enabling businesses to access capital, expand operations, and ultimately contribute to economic growth. And this visionary partnership in-between represents a significant milestone in harnessing the potential of seamless fund transfers for both sides.”

“On one hand, there is Usul Ventures Limited, a company which has a strong reputation for its prowess in facilitating IPO processes, and bridging financial resources from the US to Europe. On the other side of the equation stands Stefan Spath, a distinguished figure with an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, specializing in corporate listing services. At MCAP, Stefan Spath leads corporate advisory services, extending his expertise to guide foreign public and private issuers through the intricacies of listing shares on US exchanges. When his invaluable insights and Usul Ventures’ effective investment strategies come together, expanding through borders and reaching out to new achievements would be much easier than before,” he added.

“New Alliance Holds The Power of Starting A New Era in Financial Growth”

Stating that Spath’s name resonated strongly within the OTC markets, Kaan Özçelik also added that this power carries unparalleled expertise in the nuances of cross-listing and enabling the collaboration itself more authority. He encapsulated the shared commitment to expanding global financial horizons with these statements:

"The partnership signifies a convergence of expertise and values, creating a unique consultancy network in international capital markets. This partnership embodies our commitment to empowering European companies to achieve greater global visibility and growth. With Mr. Spath's support, we are set to redefine the possibilities of international financial expansion."

Indicating that the revolutionary collaboration wasn’t just an agreement but an alliance combining different forces together, “This recently-made partnership upholds the power of starting a new era regarding capital markets and opens doors for European companies aiming to secure listings on esteemed global platforms through cross-listing. The shared expertise resonates as a robust testament with a potential of transcending through borders. As this transformative journey unfolds, it promises to redefine the future of global finance, offering a beacon of hope and opportunity for enterprises seeking to expand their reach and impact on a global scale,” Özçelik expressed.

“As this partnership takes flight, it invites us all to witness the power of collaboration and the impact it can have on shaping the destiny of economies, businesses, and aspirations. The journey has just begun, and the possibilities are boundless. Stay tuned as we unravel the chapters of this remarkable story, rewriting the narrative of international finance, one strategic partnership at a time,” he underlined once more.

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