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Psychic, Channeler, Reader and Healer Jen Bushman to be Featured on Close Up Radio

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2023/ -- Jen Bushman is the owner of a business that bears her name. There are some aspects to her business that are not always easy for people to understand or process. The more evolved spirits though are getting it, and thus proclaiming one’s psychic gifts is an increasingly easy thing to say, and less like coming out of a closet.

There is one common thread to all of Jen’s works—helping people. By applying her specialized and channeled knowledge, people can learn about their soul’s evolution and their life purpose, which puts them on a path to being more aware, and able to grow and heal (from physical pain or emotional trauma.)

Jen is what is known as a multi-dimensional channeler, meaning that she can tap into the third dimension (earth) and the fifth dimension (where the crossed over ones we see on TV reside) and more. She is able to connect with spirit guides, interpret current and past lives, and even read star seeds (our origin in the universe and birth star,)

Much of Jen’s recognition came from the tarot card readings she did on youtube during the Pandemic. She still has some of those followers, plus new fans of her posts on youtube. Jen also does most readings by remote (Zoom)

“I really want to help humanity. I have abilities that can support people on a soul level. We can move their energy along in a way that is as beneficial as psychotherapy, and spurs change even faster. “

Jen’s gifts were not something that she could recognize at first. When she saw spirit guides over her shoulder or sensed people’s angst, she thought something was wrong with her. She notes that a lot of people walk the cusp between delusional and psychically gifted. Eventually, a young psychiatrist helped Jen to explore and welcome those gifts, and she is determined to put them to positive use.

A full list of Jen’s services can be found on her website, The site also features links to the curated gems/rocks/crystals and the jewelry fashioned from such high-quality and responsibly mined stones. She is very passionate about the stones and laughingly calls them “her babies.” In fact, Jen is currently writing a book about The Sacred Geometry of Crystals and how each one has a distinct energetic frequency.

Listeners will enjoy Jen’s broadcast as she shares her talents, work, and hobbies. One of those is cooking and occasionally the spirit of a famed chef will pop in to offer hints on spices or technique while she creates the food.

Close up Radio will highlight Psychic Jen Bushman in an interview with Jim Masters on Fri, Aug 25th at 1:00pm EDT

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