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Kona Earth donates 10% of every website purchase to support Maui disaster relief.

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Kona Earth grows single-estate, 100% Kona Coffee micro roasted to perfection and shipped farm direct.

Kona Earth owners Steve and Joanie Wynn with Tickle, their rescue dog

Kona Earth owners Steve and Joanie Wynn with Tickle, their rescue dog

Kona Earth will donate 10% of every website purchase to Maui relief efforts.

We plan to make our donations in stages. This will allow us to assess the most urgent needs at the time and direct our funds accordingly.”
— Steve Wynn, Owner Kona Earth
HOLUALOA, HAWAII, USA, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- From now through the end of September, Kona Earth will donate 10% of every website purchase to Maui Relief Efforts. The give-back initiative includes all items on their website, including their private estate, 100% Kona coffee, Kona chocolate, Spice BBQ meat rub, coffee scrub soap, and all gift bundles.

A single-estate, 100% Kona coffee farm in Hawaii, Kona Earth makes giving back a priority. Their “Care In Every Cup” program donates a percentage of every purchase to local, non-profit partners.

“Typically, we donate to support coral reef preservation efforts by local non-profit, Kahalu’u Bay Education Center,” explained Kona Earth co-owner Joanie Wynn. “However, with the devastation in Maui, we are re-directing those donations to Maui disaster relief from now through the end of September. We may extend it beyond that depending on the situation on the ground.”

As a former Fire Chief, Kona Earth co-owner Steve Wynn has a deep appreciation for the incredible needs the community of Maui is facing at this time. “We plan to make our donations in stages. The first will be at the end of August, with a second one planned for the end of September. This will allow us to assess the most urgent needs at the time and direct our funds accordingly.” Updates on the donations will be posted to the Kona Earth website and social media channels.

Though they currently reside on the Big Island, the Wynns feel a special connection to Maui. “Steve’s mom lived there for decades, and we visited many, many times with our son, Ryan,” said Joanie. “When we saw the devastation on the news, we felt compelled to do what we could.”


As owners of Kona Earth, Steve and Joanie Wynn make giving back an integral part of their new business. This carries on the tradition started in their previous Emmy award-winning production business Bayside Entertainment. The couple used their video production skills to create pro bono videos for non-profits along with the documentary series, “Journeys for Good” which highlighted volunteer travel. When they stepped in as the new owners of Kona Earth two years ago, the couple launched their new e-commerce website and give-back program, “Care In Every Cup,” simultaneously.

Joanie Wynn remarked, “We feel so fortunate to live out a dream, working this beautiful farm and running Kona Earth. It seems only fitting that we share our good fortune with worthy non-profits that are making our community a better place.”


Kona Earth is a family-owned and operated farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its authentic, single-estate, 100% Kona coffee is hand-picked and small-batch roasted. Husband and wife owners Steve and Joanie Wynn oversee every phase of the coffee production process, from picking the cherry to pulping, drying, and small-batch roasting on site.

Kona Earth’s farm is situated at 2000 feet on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano. The high mountain “mauka” climate allows the coffee trees to grow lush. Cooler temperatures and ample rainfall make for ideal growing conditions. The fruit matures slowly, resulting in coffee beans of remarkable size and quality.

In addition to their private estate Kona coffee, Kona Earth also grows cacao, harvesting and processing it for their hand-poured dark chocolate bars made with 75% Kona cacao. Other items produced using their coffee include their “Spice” BBQ meat rub and Kona coffee scrub soap. Their Kona coffee, chocolate, meat rub, and gift items are sold farm-direct to consumers via konaearth.com.

Kona Earth also offers VIP Private Farm Tours for those interested in learning more about Kona coffee farming and production. Booking information is available on the website.

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