Georgia-based Spirits Distillery, Infamous Whiskey, Announces the Addition of Four Members to the Executive Team

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Infamous Whiskey rounds out it’s executive team’s experience to position the company for growth

With this talented team of experts and their diverse skills, Infamous Whiskey is well-positioned to ... solidify its status as a trailblazer in the spirits market.”
— Lorenze Tremonti, CEO of Infamous Whiskey
GREENSBORO, GA, USA, August 8, 2023/ -- Lorenze Tremonti, CEO of Infamous Whiskey, a Georgia-based startup craft distillery of high-quality whiskey and whiskey cocktails, announced the addition of four members to the company’s executive team.

Bob Quay, Vice President of Sales and Distribution, brings a wealth of experience in retail distribution and is poised to drive Infamous Whiskey’s internal sales goals and overall growth. His is in-depth understanding of logistics distribution and supply chain expectations and expertise in establishing new brands in the US market and in niche market product placement.

Chris Roberts, Vice President of Media and Advertising, brings his more than 15 years of experience in marketing food and beverage brands to lead Infamous Whiskeys advertising. Roberts excels in multichannel strategies, owned, earned, and paid media and has previously managed multi-million dollar marketing budgets for multiple recognizable brands including for a Fortune 500 company.

Glen Elliott, Vice President of Science and Technology, has a background that will aid Infamous Whiskey's best practices to maximize production efficiency, including future property expansion, product forecasting and the ongoing evaluation of machinery, software, and production line process improvements. Ellliott holds a Masters of Science in Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and a certificate in Engineering Leadership from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Shaun Roberts, VP of Branding and Analytics, has 13 years of experience in visual identity graphic and website design, and holds degrees in Art from Valencia College. Roberts will also aid in the strategic gathering and analyzing of consumer data to refine business-to-consumer marketing strategies and successfully build profitable brands. Roberts has been the lead in developing the brand identities for major spirits-specific events such as the Orlando Whiskey Festival and for various micro-distilleries and breweries.

These four leaders will join Chairman and CFO Peter M. Allen and President Mark Matuszek to round out the team’s expertise.

"We are thrilled to announce Bob, Chris, Glen, and Shaun as part of the Infamous Whiskey family," said Tremonti. "With this talented team of experts and their diverse skills, Infamous Whiskey is well-positioned to expand its reach, engage with target consumers effectively, and solidify its status as a trailblazer in the spirits market.”

About Infamous Whiskey:
Steeped in the roots of Georgia shine, and refined by the tradition of Kentucky distilling, Infamous Whiskey sought to break from convention and redefine the boundaries of taste. With his unique 4 grain recipe, Lorenze Tremonti, Master Distiller and CEO, went against the grain of modern distilling in order to craft a brand that would leave an indefinite mark on the whiskey industry. Embracing extraordinary, Infamous Whiskey raises a glass, inviting you to Live Infamously.

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