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TCARE, Inc. and Optimity Partner to Increase Caregiver Engagement

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, July 26, 2023/ -- TCARE, Inc., the leading aging-in-place technology and risk management provider in the caregiver space, announces its partnership with Optimity, the award-winning #1 app in the Free Health and Rewards category on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This partnership will leverage TCARE’s family caregiver support platform to drive better health outcomes and increase engagement while supporting Optimity in expanding its reach with older adults and the families that care for them.

The issue of informal caregiver burnout is creating a strain on our nation’s ability to care for our aging population, and it’s a problem that only continues to grow. According to a report from the CDC, there are currently 7 potential family caregivers per older adult, while that number is expected to shrink to 4 potential family caregivers per older adult by 2030. Family caregivers often report symptoms of burnout -- strained physical and mental health due to elevated stress and a lack of support. Caregiver burnout doesn’t just impact the health of the care receiver; it also negatively impacts the caregiver’s health, as they may neglect their own personal health needs while providing care to others. In the US, 40.7% of caregivers report having two or more chronic diseases, compared with 27.2% for the overall adult population.

“The business case for Optimity and TCARE to partner is obvious, as it will allow Optimity to expand their reach to more caregivers and care receivers, while allowing TCARE to continue improving the effectiveness of the interventions that are included in each personalized care plan.” said Ali Ahmadi, CEO of TCARE Inc. “But there’s also an altruistic motivation to partner, as more caregivers on the platform means more support to families and its associated ROI back to the enterprise organizations, by improving quality of lives. TCARE is thrilled to partner with Optimity because it allows TCARE’s caregiver care managers to provide another effective tool to support caregivers who are desperately looking for solutions.”

“We provide personalized physical, mental and financial wellness micro-education and engagement programs for key communities, such as caregivers, to keep them healthy and informed.” explained Jane J Wang, CEO of Optimity. “The partnership with TCARE is aligned with our mission and goal to help over 100 million Americans live healthier & longer. We love the launch of this program because it is going to provide consistent connectivity and multi-dimensional support for caregivers, proactively, and in turn improve the outcomes for all care receivers.”

Together, Optimity and TCARE will improve the lives of families by combining their expertise in several Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) areas, such as physical activity, nutrition, mental health, social connectedness, and financial wellness. Not only does this partnership allow caregivers to identify the root cause of their burnout factors, but it also equips them with a comprehensive app that is used to improve the health of the entire family.

Please join TCARE and Optimity for a live webinar on August 23rd from 1-1:30 pm CT to learn more about this exciting partnership. You can register for this webinar by visiting the following link: TCARE & Optimity Webinar.

About Optimity

Optimity is an award-winning insurtech platform that improves the health, wealth, and longevity of its users with evidence-based behavioral science, gamification, and rewards. The company’s wellness app and related B2B solutions are developed by leading technologists, health and medical researchers, wealth experts, and advisory firms, and backed by more than 30 years of behavioral science research. Optimity’s enterprise solutions, including white-labeled apps, engagement modules, APIs, segmentation/data, and AI-powered tools, are used by customers in the U.S., Canada, and Japan to drive better health outcomes and longevity for policyholders and members. With a reach of over 2.7 million North Americans, Optimity is one of the most popular and trusted health rewards programs in the world. For more information, visit


TCARE is an award-winning, evidence-based caregiver risk management platform designed to prevent caregiver burnout. Its patented clinical protocol combines 15+ years of caregiver insights, advanced data analytics, and high-touch human support to identify, mitigate, and continuously monitor caregiver burnout risk. TCARE partners with managed care organizations, long-term insurance providers, employers, and other group entities to deliver clinically-proven caregiver support to the caregivers in or supporting their populations. TCARE also provides a patented “Family Caregiver Insurance” product, a first-to-market insurance product combining caregiver expense protection and concierge caregiver support. For more information, visit

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