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Adaptive Computing and IT Solutions and Support Provider 24x7 Geeks Solutions Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

The technical approach to integrating the customer's on-premise assets with those of the Cloud Service Providers

Adaptive Computing has formed a new partnership with DevOps Partner for Comprehensive IT Solutions and Support, 24x7 Geeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. based in India.

Adaptive Computing is delighted to be officially allied with 24x7 Geeks Solutions. The new strategic partnership will broaden our reach worldwide bringing HPC Cloud On-Demand to many new organizations”
— Art Allen, CEO of Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.
NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ -- Adaptive Computing, a trusted global leader in HPC Workload Management and Cloud Solutions, headquartered in Naples, FL, has formed a new strategic partnership with India DevOps Partner for Comprehensive IT Solutions and Support, 24x7 Geeks Solutions Pt. Ltd.

24x7 Geeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cutting-edge IT services, is committed to delivering exceptional solutions to businesses worldwide. With a specialization in DevOps as a service, 24x7 Server Management, Cloud Solutions, Managed Services, and more, Geeks Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize operations and empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Since its establishment in 2006, Geeks Solutions has built a reputation for excellence through its team of highly experienced professionals. With an unwavering dedication to customer success, the company prides itself on being a trusted partner throughout the entire project lifecycle. Whether it's deploying Cloud projects on platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP or providing L1 to L3 Technical support for Hosting providers and Data Centers, Geeks Solutions is committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

As a customer-centric organization, 24x7 Geeks Solutions aims to exceed expectations by delivering innovative solutions, unmatched reliability, and unparalleled customer support. By leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices, the company empowers businesses to embrace digital transformation, increase efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.

Adaptive Computing has provided advanced applications and tools to the High-Performance Computing industry for over 2 decades with hundreds of deployments on the world’s largest computing installations. Adaptive Computing products and services are used by organizations of all sizes across a broad range of industries such as High-Tech Manufacturing, Aerospace Engineering, Defense, Universities, Government Research Labs, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas Exploration, Financial Services, and Data Analytics. Adaptive Computing’s Moab HPC Suite and HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center are utilized by organizations worldwide to maximize performance and value, simplify management, and create a competitive advantage.

"Adaptive Computing is delighted to be officially allied with 24x7 Geeks Solutions. The new strategic partnership will broaden our reach worldwide bringing HPC Cloud On-Demand to many new organizations." – Art Allen, CEO of Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

Adaptive’s HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center (ODDC) is a scalable multi-cloud systems management solution that gives organizations the ability to spin up temporary or persistent HPC cloud infrastructure resources quickly, inexpensively, and on demand without vendor lock-in to any major cloud service provider. The enterprise-grade platform can be used to automatically deploy and build clusters in the Cloud, automatically run applications on those clusters, and then terminate the cloud resources, ensuring that the customer only pays for what is being used. Customers typically save 50 – 70% on cloud usage costs and only pay for cloud services while resources are in use.

"Through our new partnership with Adaptive Computing, we envision a future where organizations can harness the power of advanced applications and tools to unlock unprecedented performance, efficiency, and cost reduction in their High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to revolutionize the way large and complex IT environments are deployed and managed, empowering businesses to achieve accelerated business performance at a reduced cost.

Together, we are reshaping the future of large and complex IT environments, empowering businesses to unlock accelerated performance and drive transformative outcomes. With Adaptive Computing's decades-long experience and extensive customer base of Fortune 500 and Top500 supercomputing clients, we have the strength and knowledge to redefine what's possible in Hybrid Cloud, High-Tech Manufacturing, Government Labs, Life Sciences, and beyond.

This partnership opens doors to HPC Cloud On-Demand solutions that make HPC cloud strategies accessible to all, fueling innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and more. Join us on this remarkable journey, where we push the boundaries of scientific research and computational analysis, delivering unparalleled solutions for a limitless future." - Lalitkumar Waghulkar, Business Head of 24x7 Geeks Solutions

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