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NewBlue Unveils Captivate: A New and Improved Titler Live 5

Two monitors showing the user interface of Captivate for a live production.

Quickly configure your broadcast with Captivate's streamlined user interface.

An image of a man and data points in a corporate production.

Utilize Captivate for providing sophisticated corporate productions using real time information.

NewBlue introduces the latest update to their Titler Live 5 live production software, Captivate.

With this release, we take it to a new level by integrating key elements of video production with our graphics in a streamlined work flow, so that one person can accomplish what was complex before.”
— Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue Inc.

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2023/ -- NewBlue, Inc. a leading provider of video production tools, is proud to announce the release of Titler Live’s 5.7 update, now renamed NewBlue Captivate.

NewBlue Captivate propels the company's mission of enhancing video production with user-friendly, powerful graphics. By integrating vital video production components with advanced graphics, Captivate distills complex processes into streamlined workflows.

NewBlue Captivate is more than an enhancement; it’s a leap forward in simplification and capability, turning the once unthinkable into the attainable for creators worldwide.

Key Features of NewBlue Captivate:

Shot Layouts
Central to the innovation in NewBlue Captivate is the new Shot Layout system. It facilitates the fusion of multiple graphics over live video, creating dynamic scenes or 'shot layouts'. These layouts serve as different moments in the production, each encapsulating a unique blend of graphics and video content.

With just a simple button click, users can effortlessly move between these intricate scenes. This triggers an automatic, synchronized action that animates the incorporated graphics, switches videos, and applies optional transitions - all in perfect harmony.

Camera Switching and Transitions

In order to facilitate the shot layout solution, NewBlue Captivate expands its functionality to include intuitive camera switching with transitions. The result is a versatile tool that can function as a complete production studio, capable of managing video, audio, and graphics simultaneously in a simplified flow.

Yet, despite its expanded capabilities, NewBlue Captivate continues to excel as a specialized graphics solution, seamlessly integrating with industry-standard switchers for truly powerful productions.

Zoom & Microsoft Teams Integration

Captivate also offers seamless integration with Zoom and Teams meetings for sophisticated virtual productions. Gather guests and organize them with shot layouts for visually impressive picture-in-picture graphics, overlaid with essential real time information such as names, speaker information, chat comments, and more.

RTMP Streaming

NewBlue Captivate eliminates the need for third-party encoders by including RTMP streaming, with direct support for leading platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Streamlined User Interface

Along with everything else, NewBlue Captivate provides a streamlined broadcasting experience, enabling users to quickly configure how they want to work and focus on the essentials for delivering visually stunning productions.

"Our mission has always been to enhance video production with powerful, accessible graphics" says Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue. "Our team asked, how can we give people a way to quickly achieve beautiful productions while maintaining an easy to use and budget friendly product? With this release, we take it to a new level by integrating key elements of video production with our graphics in a streamlined work flow, so that one person can accomplish what was complex before.”

For existing customers with perpetual licenses and subscriptions, the transition to Captivate begins with today’s release of Titler Live 5.7. This transition is seamlessly integrated into customer’s active Titler Live 5 monthly or annual subscription and perpetual maintenance plans, provided at no additional cost.

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About NewBlue:
NewBlue is a leading provider of video production tools, offering innovative solutions that empower creators to unleash their creativity and deliver stunning visual experiences. With a comprehensive product portfolio, including Titler Live,TotalFX, and now Captivate, NewBlue continues to set the standard in the industry, making professional-grade tools accessible to all levels of users.

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