Larry Nasser is Lucky to be in a Federal Prison, Says Metro Detroit Author, Coach, and Forensic Expert

The New Superior - A Better Way to Be the One in Charge. Currently available in audiobook and hardcover, the paperback edition will be released in late August or early September.

Prisoners empathize with abused children, while prison officials struggle to control internal violence

SOUTHFIELD, MI, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2023/ -- John M. Collins, a Metro Detroit area author, leadership coach, and forensic expert says that Larry Nassar, the infamous gymnastics doctor who abused young children in his care, sometimes right in front of their parents, "is very lucky to be in a federal prison."

His comments come in the aftermath of recent reports that Nassar was stabbed multiple times at a federal prison in Florida.

"The most violent convicts are usually housed in state prisons, and they have a surprising empathy for children," Collins explained, "likely because their own childhoods were so ravaged by violence and neglect. When they encounter a fellow prisoner they perceive as a well-to-do silver-spooner who also happened to prey upon children, they may see an opportunity to get revenge for the horrors they witnessed or experienced in their own lives."

Collins, who served as the Director of the Michigan forensic science laboratories from 2010 to 2012, wrote in his recent book, The New Superior - A Better Way to Be the One in Charge, about the leadership failures that enabled the Nassar assaults.

The following is brief excerpt from The New Superior:

"Having lectured and taught at the collegiate level and having worked and collaborated with many academics during my forensic science career, I’ve come to realize that many college professors and administrators fancy themselves as intellectual elites and make a habit of signaling their superiority in a variety of strange and offensive ways. They hold in such high regard their own cognitive prowess that they can’t fathom something really bad happening on their watch, especially at the hands of one of their own."

Collins, himself, was once locked in a jail cell, not because of something he did, but because of something he was asked to do.

"Authorities at a local jail near Chicago noticed a broken safety window on the door of one of the cells," Collins recalls. "I was asked to conduct a forensic analysis to determine if the glass was broken from the inside by the inmate assigned to the cell, or by someone from the outside. It was not the most pleasant experience of my career, and that was just at a local jail."

Collins is currently based in Southfield and works as a leadership coach specializing in authoritative, high-pressure occupations that require high levels of expertise to earn the trust of the public or other consequential stakeholders. Although he works with clients in a variety of industries and occupations, his emphasis is on developing leaders in criminal justice organizations such as forensic science laboratories and police agencies.

The New Superior - A Better Way to Be the One in Charge is currently available in audiobook and a special commemorative hardcover format. The paperback edition is expected to be released in late August or early September.

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