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Enthusiast Gaming Announces Shareholder Meeting Voting Results

TORONTO, June 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (“Enthusiast Gaming” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:EGLX) (TSX:EGLX), an independent gaming media and entertainment company, is pleased to announce the voting results for the election of its Board of Directors (the “Board”), which took place at the Company's Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) held today, June 30, 2023.

All nominees as set forth in the Company’s management information circular dated May 30, 2023 (the “Circular”) were elected as directors of Enthusiast Gaming at the AGM. Detailed results of the votes are set out below:

Nominee Votes For % Votes Withheld %
 John Albright 27,528,720 73.44% 9,958,123 26.56%
 Michael Beckerman 27,638,473 73.73% 9,848,370 26.27%
 Adrian Montgomery 27,045,562 72.15% 10,441,281 27.85%
 Scott Michael O’Neil 32,682,445 87.18% 4,804,398 12.82%
 Nicolas Brien 33,748,808 90.03% 3,738,035 9.97%
 David Goldhill 24,644,955 65.74% 12,841,888 34.26%
 Janny Lee 24,299,631 64.82% 13,187,212 35.18%

The shareholders also: (1) voted in favour of setting the number of directors at seven (7); (2) approved the re-appointment of KPMG LLP as auditor of the Company for the ensuing year and authorized the Board to fix the remuneration of the auditor; (3) approved the Stock Option Plan Resolution, as outlined in the Circular; and (4) approved the Share Unit Plan Resolution, as outlined in the Circular. Results of the shareholder votes on these items are set forth below:

of Vote
Votes For % Withheld/
 Number of Directors Carried 36,262,449 96.73% 1,224,395 3.27%
 Appointment of Auditors Carried 53,895,562 99.12% 476,547 0.88%
 Stock Option Plan Resolution Carried 28,105,039 74.97% 9,381,805 25.03%
 Share Unit Plan Resolution Carried 32,706,927 87.25% 4,779,916 12.75%

About Enthusiast Gaming

Enthusiast Gaming is an independent gaming media and entertainment company, building the largest media and content platform for video game players and esports fans to connect and compete worldwide. Combining the elements of its five core pillars: Communities, Content, Creators, Commerce and Experiences, Enthusiast Gaming provides a unique opportunity for marketers to create integrated brand solutions to connect with coveted GenZ and Millennial audiences. Through its proprietary mix of digital media, content and gaming assets, Enthusiast Gaming continues to grow its network of communities, reflecting the diversity of gaming enthusiasts today.

Investor Contacts

Enthusiast Gaming – Alex Macdonald, CFO
FNK IR – Rob Fink / Matt Chesler, CFA

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