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Local Sarasota business owner responds to recent Malaria Outbreak:

PESKY BUg Away in hand

PESKY in hand

in the 1930's malaria was the leading cause of death in Puerto Rico. In fact, in 1931 it was responsible for over 3,200 deaths and 47,000 cases.”
— Jeanette Miller
SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2023/ -- “As a child living in Coamo, Puerto Rico, my family and I have had personal experience with mosquitos, and Malaria was always a concern. They had this fear because in the 1930's malaria was the leading cause of death in Puerto Rico. In fact, in 1931 it was responsible for over 3,200 deaths and 47,000 cases. My dad told me when he was 11 years old, his best friend Gloria Cruz contracted Malaria and within days had passed away.
I remember my Great Aunt Emma used to go into her yard barefoot with her machete and chop plants, she used to boil, mash, and mull them into oils and rub them all over us. I hated the feeling of oily and sticky stuff all over me. But my elders and parents insisted on putting the oils all over us, so we were protected."

"Years later after my Great Aunt Emma passed, I discovered her recipe "Para los mosquitos" (for the mosquitos) in her notebook and I decided to continue her legacy. I used the recipe to develop PESKY® bug away products. The products are currently available in over 1,200 stores, and thousands of customers buy my products at local farmers markets (Bradenton, Siesta Key, Coquina Beach, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch) as well as online. "
-- Jeanette Miller, President – PESKY ® Bug Away products, Sarasota, Florida

PESKY® products are all natural, no deet or chemicals, safe for children, pets, and pregnant women.

PESKY® Bug Away has been tested and video documented to consistently and effectively keep away mosquito’s, no see um’s, ticks, biting flies, fire ants, hornets and many other pesky and dangerous bugs.
• It's a spray lotion, not sticky, oily, greasy, it dries on your skin within seconds.
• Safe to spray on your clothing, it will not stain.
• The only to provide dry skin protection.
• Helps keep your skin hydrated, while providing it with vitamins and antioxidants to keep it protected.
• All natural, no deet, no chemicals, pleasantly scented safe for children and pets.

Jeanette Miller is the President of PESKY ® Bug Stay Away Spray. Her company is a minority woman owned company based in Sarasota, Florida. Jeanette and her husband Dean Miller are experts in the field of natural insect repellent products and are available to answer questions and provide more information. Please contact Dean Miller at 631-697-3241

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